You Know How I Know You’re Lying?

Politicians really frustrate me.  Not because of the sleezy stuff they pull…  Well, okay, that bothers me too, but because sometimes the story lends itself to an awesome title, but the soundbite screws it all up.

I was this close to being able to name this post, “Never Say Never” but noooo… John McCain had to screw that one all up.  Thanks John, is there nothing you don’t make worse?

The actual soundbite is

Everybody says that they’re against the special interests. I’m the only one the special interests don’t give any money to.

And thanks to our friends at Think Progress, we know this to be an outright and total lie.  No lie of omission, or spinning of the truth here.  Nope, just an outright falsehood.

In fact, the first bit of special interest money TP sheds some light on is the 1.2 cool million he picked  up from telephone utilities and telecom companies.  Oh, and guess who sides with the telecoms on retroactive immunity.

You get three guesses, and the first two don’t count.

Oh, and Vicki Iseman?  The woman McCain was supposed to be getting it on with?  I won’t say one way or another whether or not they had relations, but I will say that they’ve donated an awful lot of campaign money to McCain, which seems to have benefited them with a positional change by McCain that had the potential to shut them down.

Politicians lie.  People expect it.  But when you’re passing yourself off as the Straight Talk Expressing Mavericky-Maverick, you might want to actually not lie, or at least not tell lies that are so easy to debunk.

Here, John, let me help make that statement a little more truthful for ya:

Everybody says they’re against the special interests.  I’m not.  Hell, from now on you’re going to see me on stage with Tide ™ and Nextell ™ patches sewn onto my suit I sell out so much.

Now that would be some Straight Talk ™.

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