You Know What Would Be Better Than A Statement?

Flying under the radar yesterday, of course, came FISA votes, perhaps one of the most important aspects at stake being the retroactive immunity being granted to telecom companies who violated civil liberties by handing over massive quantities of customer information over to the NSA.

This was the kind of fights that Democrats were supposed to stand up and fight for, but as it turns out, so few led the way.  As Mike pointed out yesterday, there were a whole host of Democrats, including Feinstein which I find incredibly disappointing, who voted to end cloture and push this shamnesty through (yes, I’m gaffling a RWTP).

In the unlikely fight against this shamnesty for telecoms was Chris Dodd, and yes, Senator Obama was present and voted with him.  Hillary sent a statement.

Last night, at a campaign stop in El Paso Texas, Hillary Clinton said, “After seven years of George Bush we need a lot less hat and a lot more cattle”.  Hmm… interesting…  “All hat and no cattle”, interesting.

Here’s my thought; you know what would have been better than a statement?  SHOWING UP TO VOTE!  Instead of stopping by to maybe show some leadership on the issue, or at the very least pop in to throw your support behind a fellow Democrat who is on the front lines in a serious war on our civil liberties and the constitution, Hillary Clinton stayed on the campaign trail, talked about action, and sent a memo to prove it.



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  1. The bill still needs to go through the House. Looks like it probably will be pushed through.

    Corporations win against the middle class again…….


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