3 A.M.

I know one thing for sure … I don’t want a guy answering any emergency calls in the middle of the night who has an anger control problem, is impulsive and his impulse is for more war.

3 Responses to “3 A.M.”

  1. b-b-b-but he’s crossed the threshold!

  2. terry says:

    Ok I missed something, what threshold?

    How does she say this totally vague phrase and nobody asks what it means? I don’t get it. And a gazillion reporters are going to repeat like it means something.

    This whole election is making my head hurt.

  3. I wish I could say the threshold comment or the phone ad were the things that pissed me off the most, but that would be lying; I think I spend much of the time in a kind of red haze.

    The phone pissed me off because not only was it absolutely silly contextually, but because of the blatant TMT usage.

    But this threshold crap is exactly that, crap.

    It’s the signature flaw in Clinton’s prime argument, while at the same time it elevates McCain beyond what needs be done.

    But what are we to do?

    sounds like fodder for another blog post.

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