About The Daily Kos “Strike”

It probably didn’t make many waves in the MSM, but anyone deeply vested in the blogosphere could hardly help but notice the fact that the Hillary Clinton bloggers over at Daily Kos have gone on “strike”, refusing to write for the site for as long as it continues to be so anti-Hillary.

Kos, himself replies.

It’s something of a pity that most Americans don’t read blogs because while I’m not exactly the biggest Kos fan in the world, and have never been a “Kossack”, I can’t help but remark that the arguments Kos puts forth are the kinds of arguments I think more Democrats need to hear.

Of particular note is the lack of hysterics in his retort to the strikers.  Keep in mind, there has been no place in this primary season where the Clinton/Obama debate has been nastier and more emotional than on the internet so one would almost expect Kos to come out with the tar and feathers.

Instead, he provides a legitimate and reasoned defense of his site’s alliance, and the salient points bear repeating.

The fact of the matter is, Hillary Clinton runs against the general principles upon which Daily Kos was founded:

-Encourage a more grassroots oriented campaign.  Indeed nothing about the Clinton campaign speaks of grassroots.  Long before the Iowa caucuses, the Clinton campaign was already talking about Super Delegates.  No one paid much attention back then since few would have predicted that the primary would go this long, nor that Clinton would actually end up lagging behind Obama, but now that Super Delegates are key to her only path to victory, they have caused quite a stir.  Another indicator that Clinton is not exactly the grassroots candidate is indicated by her poor performances in the caucuses where high powered grassroots efforts can easily override strategic ad buys, influence, and name recognition.  By contrast, an easy indicator of how much Obama’s campaign is driven by grassroots and netroots support is the measure of how many donors have contributed to his campaign.  Headlines were made when he crossed the 1,000,000 donors mark, most of whom gave comparably small amounts.

-Encourage candidates that employ a 50 state strategy.  Again, the very antithesis of what Clinton has done.  Further, this campaign has shown how strong a fifty state strategy can be compared to the old school style of carving up the electoral map along familiar lines and trying to win a few key toss up states.  Had Hillary even come close to employing a 50 state strategy, she would have likely not suffered the 11 straight losses in February that put her in the hole in the first place.  Nor does it look like she would change her strategy for the General Election given that her campaign is already focusing on the importance of battleground states versus the rest of the states in the country.  Instead of focusing on all of the states, the only states that are important in Clinton’s book are the states that she has won.

-“Stop the war in Iraq.”  Two votes are key here.  The vote she cast that ultimately resulted in the Iraq war, and the vote in Iran which essentially set Bush up with a similar opportunity and shows that Clinton’s judgement was not improved by her first mistake.

-“Blunt the influence of lobbyists, PACs, and the neoliberal Democratic Leadership Council.”  Again, not a whole lot of luck for Clinton here given the fact that she’s in the leadership of the DLC.  Obama may not necessarily be the most pristine here, but he’s got more than a leg up on Clinton.

But then comes the clincher.  After all is said and done, I agree with Kos, if she ended up being the nominee, I’d support her, the problem is, she seems to have no qualms with starting a “civil war” within the party just to get the nomination.  That’s the deal breaker.

If she were winning, or down only by such a fraction so as to be able to make it up in one or two wins, that would be one thing, but this is where the delegate math becomes so important.  A Hillary Clinton win would require one of two things; a statistical miracle, or disenfranchising a majority of voters who have participated in the Democratic primaries.

The wild-eyed Clintonistas refuse to see it, but everyone who isn’t among their number and doesn’t understand exactly what’s going on in the Democratic primaries should.

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