And If She Doesn’t?

Now this is very interesting.  A bit of spin from the Clinton campaign gives us all reason to hope.

First off, let me make this pretty clear because I want people to understand where I’m coming from.  I’ve said some pretty harsh things about Hillary Clinton in the past, and some of those I still feel pretty deeply about.  She is far from my first choice of president, and in a fit of passion I may have been among those that have vowed to vote for McCain if she is nominated for the Democratic party.

In truth, I’m in a place where I can support her so long as she doesn’t stoop too low to wrest the nomination from Obama’s grip.  Even with my reservations against Mrs. Clinton, I think I would much rather have her in the Oval Office than John McCain.

Still, what is far more important to me is that she not rip the party apart, not in her desire to win the nomination, and not in any desire, perceived or otherwise, to set herself up for a 2012 bid.  Putting a Democrat in the White House should at this point of the race be her primary concern, whether it be her or Obama.

And so this strikes me as particularly interesting:

Bottom Line From The Clinton Spin Call

03 Mar 2008 12:24 pm

Is that if Clinton wins the popular vote in Ohio and Texas, she’s staying in the race.

Even if she loses the delegate race in Texas.

No doubt, this will make heads explode in Chicago.

It is incredibly easy to read the negative into this–that Hillary is being stubborn and refuses to quit the race even if she loses the Texan delegate hunt.  But here’s what I want to know.  If she doesn’t win the popular vote in either Texas or Ohio, does this mean she’ll bow out?

It’s the biggest question facing the party right now, and no one seems to have a clear answer.  If Ambinder’s summation of the con-call is correct, this could be the closest thing to a direct answer we’ve had yet.

And I hope that answer is the right one.

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