Bad Timing

This has just got to suck.

Picture this, you’re a presidential candidate, and your entire candidacy hinges on one very important thing; getting enough people to believe that you were right about continuing to fight the Iraq War to infinity and beyond.

So you get up on stage, and you get ready to deliver your speech.  It’s a doozy; we’re winning in Iraq.  Now, you realize that some may disagree with you, but you don’t care.  All you have to do is keep repeating it over and over again until November, and you’re home free.

And then something goes wrong.  All of a sudden, the live coverage feed of your speech gets interrupted by… wait for it… fighting breaking out in Iraq.

Imagine the irony: 

“We’re winning in Iraq…”

“We interrupt this speech to inform you that the Mahdi Army has just gone apeshit in Iraq.”

Okay, maybe the term, “apeshit,” wasn’t used, but aside from that, this is essentially what happened to John McCain.

Senator, listen, please.  It’s kind of hard to say we’re winning when we aren’t actually winning.  To be fair, a lot of us warned a long time ago that the lull in violence was not something to pin hopes upon given that it rested on Mouqtada al Sadr’s ability to maintain the cease fire, but did anyone listen?  Nooooooo.  Someone wanted to shine up a piece of crap and try and sell it as a pony.

Seriously, 50 dead and 120 wounded makes he whole phrase, “Told you so,” feel very empty.

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