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As we continue to grow it has come to our attention that in order for Comments From Left Field to improve as a site and accommodate our ever growing community, we’re going to need more help.  That’s where I’m hoping you’ll come in.

Along with Tas, we’ve got another new addition that I hope to be announcing in the next few days, but even with this talented blogger’s joining of our ranks, we still have lots of things that could be done around here on a regular basis that would make a huge difference around here.

These tasks include checking grammar (we’re far from perfect), checking email, moderating our comments sections, blogger outreach, and helping with research.  In return, you’ll have guest-posting abilities which will give you the platform to let your ideas be heard by a wider audience.

In this way, we hope to make Comments From Left Field a better place for you, the readers, by getting your direct input and assistance.  Ultimately, the goal is to turn our blog into your blog.

If you’re interested in helping out, please feel free to shoot us an email, or leave a comment, and we’ll discuss the finer details and hopefully welcome you aboard to our team.

2 Responses to “Be A Part Of The CFLF Team”

  1. what does being on the team invole, and can i cuss?


    Yeah, hit me up in email and we can talk about it man.

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