Bob Casey – Darling of the Pennsylvania Democratic Establishment – to Endorse Obama – UPDATED

There is not a word to describe the scale of this endorsement so I will settle simply on gargantuan.

If you are a long time reader of Comments you will recall that Bob Casey played the role of DSCC insider in the 2006 Pennsylvania Senate primary to choose a Democratic candidate to unseat Rick Santorum He was pitted against an unknown insurgent liberal party outsider (and my candidate) Chuck Pennacchio. At the time the struggle I faced was in convincing my party-insider friends that Chuck was a viable candidate. Sadly, it was not to be mainly because of the huge support Casey received from the Pennsylvania Democratic party establishment in the form of Governor Ed Rendell, Senator Chuck Schumer and all the hundreds of committee people spread across the state who vote their loyalties.

Today, that same party establishment is now split with Schumer and Rendell riding on Clinton’s bandwagon and their golden boy, the man they called the future of the Democratic Party in Pennsylvania, Bob Casey coming out for Obama.

At minimum, this will allow some party insiders who may have wanted to support Obama but had no self-serving (self preserving) reason to do so in the form of party support to now take that leap of faith. It also says to to my old friends in PA, those folks that make up the PUMP Democrats, who are you going to support the old guard, or the new?

Casey made his choice.

Casey’s decision was also personal, motivated in part by the enthusiasm his four daughters – Elyse, Caroline, Julia and Marena – have expressed for Obama, the source said. “He thinks we shouldn’t be deaf to the voices of the next generation.”[emphasis mine]

While searching to see whether or not Hillary had endorsed Senator Casey in his 2006 bid I came across this telling post on the Casey blog dating back to November 5, 2006.

On Saturday, thousands of people came together to show their support for the Democratic ticket in southeastern Pennsylvania. You could feel the energy as people talked about their hopes for a Democratic wave in Pennsylvania. The suspense of the crowds burst as special guests Vice President Al Gore and Senator Barack Obama made their entrances.[emphasis mine]

15 Responses to “Bob Casey – Darling of the Pennsylvania Democratic Establishment – to Endorse Obama – UPDATED”

  1. I saw this and thought… awesome.

  2. Kevin K. says:

    Great post, Michael. I forgot all about the Pennacchio/Casey tussle. I guess this makes Casey a Judas.

    Hey, and Kyle, here’s your Friday reminder to add Rumproast to your blogroll. Thx!

  3. Thanks… K.

    I’m going to add you now, and do the post hopefully when I get to the office (here’s hoping I dont’ get bogged down. Right now I got other things i have to do, just wanted to check in on how things were going.

  4. I will add you now Kevin.

  5. Kevin K. says:

    I just caught a little of Casey’s endorsement speech on MSNBC. Pretty great. Unfortunately, it got bumped by a presser about the VA highway shootings.

    Thanks for the add, fellas.

  6. I’ve been wondering about Pennacchio lately… No word on an endorsement from him.
    Hey Michael, Kyle, Kevin & Raw Dawg B – by the way, congrats on your new book RDB.


  7. I talked to Chuck a few months back (via email) but is was prior to my move to B.C. Not sure who he will endorse but it will certainly have something to do with their healthcare position. He is now running a group called Health Care 4All

  8. Rob says:

    “Judas?” If we’re calling Casey a “Judas” because of this endorsement, then we might as well save our money and declare McCain the next President.

    Are you out of your FRACKIN’ mind?

    Strategically, Casey’s endorsement was brilliant. He’s the most expendable of the high-up Democrats in the state, but if Obama gets the Democratic Presidential nod and then wins the Presidency, we have someone we can send to the White House to beg favors.

    If Clinton gets in, everyone chalks up Casey’s move to strategy and life goes on.

    I’d bet a sizable chunk of money Casey was ordered to support Obama for the very reasons listed. It’s a dirty job, Bob, but someone has to do it.

    At the very least, I wish the Clinton and Obama camps would stop nuking each other and concentrate on the different — if workable — ways they would be superior to McCain. “Here’s where I disagree with my estemed opponent, but I’d like to remind everyone these are only minor differences in approach compared to the disaster John McCain would create in trying to be George Bush III if he’s elected. ”

    Hillary dropping out would be even better — and that’s the only reason I no longer support Hillary.

    Y’know, if the Democrats screw this up again and McCain gets in, I’ll be disappointed.

    I won’t be surprised.

  9. The Judas comment was a joke Rob.

  10. Rob says:

    Sorry. Most of the Democrats I know have forgotten how to joke — including me, apparently!

  11. jlo says:

    What does Casey’s endorsement do? It has been my experience that Casey has a name but no real political organization to speak of, especially in the west. Rendell has the statewide machine and Onorato has the western machine. I think Casey’s name is just one to add to the list, but doesn’t get him any votes.

  12. Roy Sulyly says:

    It’s interesting to see Senator Bob casey coming out to endorse A viable Candidate who had worked Tirelessly Hard to Get From Under Dog to Front Runner.

    I will say Bob in this case had watched from Long distance and was able to Figure out between the two Contestants who the Cap best fit. This ruled out the fact that, he must have been ordered to endorse Obama. It takes Great people, with resounding names to just jump into giving support as in this case. What Bob did was to Follow the Voice of the progressive and Join the Progressive Forces who shall eventual Truncate the Needed Effective ‘Chages’ that The New Generation and Generation yet Unborn shall benefit, insted of making America to still be persieved in the same OLd Politics that have caused Divisiveness amoongs his peoples.

    I say Good Luck to Bob Casey having listened to the Great voices of his Greater tomorrow children, and I am wishing Obama, the Great success in the forth coming April Election in Pennsylvania.

    I coul;d have been around to shake hios hands but I will wait till the Great Swearin In ceremony when President to be, Barack Obama gets the Highest mantle to be the President of United Stae of America.

  13. John H says:

    You and several Senators seem to haave your nose up Acorn’s ass. How you can reject cutting off funds to such a proven corrupt orginasation is beyond me. You have to be in bed with them!!! I hope that between now and election time you make enough money because if I have any say I will do everything to see that you loose. HOPE YOU HAVE ANOTHER REGULAR JOB like all Pennsylvanian’s have. If not you can always sell pencils on some street corner.

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