Bush Regulation Changes Threaten Medicaid for Kids

Two of the prime characteristics of stupid people and arrogant people is that a) they never learn and b) they never change either their beliefs or their actions no matter how often objective evidence proves them wrong. The prime characteristic of the modern Republican is an abysmal lack of any emotion except greed.

All three came together this week when George W Bush, the “compassionate conservative”, decided to kill the SCHIP program by executive fiat because he couldn’t use Congress to take away the health care program for poor kids.

The Children’s Defense Fund is reporting that “the Bush Administration has issued new regulations that will force states to make significant changes to their Medicaid programs.”

President Bush proposes to eliminate:

  • 47 programs in the Department of Education
  • Grants that provide important social services to protect children from abuse and neglect
  • Programs that provide hearing screenings to newborns and emergency medical services for children

President Bush requests to cut funding for:

  • Mental health and substance abuse programs for children and their parents
  • Housing assistance
  • Job training programs
  • Energy assistance for low-income families

Despite the outcry against harming SCHIP, Bush and his Molochian Rangers have been trying to scrap the program because – as he said in a speech months ago in a burst of unusual honesty – it would hurt insurance companies who normally make money writing family health insurance.

The is such standard Bush that one barely blinks at the callous insensitivity, even cruelty, of it. That he is willing to ignore the Congress and issue Edicts from the Throne instead is likewise such a Bush SOP that no one has even bothered to remark on this latest insulting law-trashing. After all, as Emperor of the North he can do anything he want, right?

But this shouldn’t be shrugged off as just another one of Bushie’s Trash Acts wherein anyone who isn’t a $$$millionaire$$$ (at least) gets thrown to the wolves, sick kids first as they’re the least useful. He has used executive orders and regulation changes to do everything from subverting the Constitution to turning a war zone into a profiteer’s $$$ trough. He has ignored science in order to hand our environment to the very people who want to destroy it (for profit, of course). And he has tried to use these tricks again and again to put corporate and party flunkies on the nation’s highest courts, flunkies who will violate the law if that’s what it takes to get the Emperor what he wants.

All of that is hopelessly banal evil and a scourge on our communities, our history, and our shared values. But when he abuses his power to murder the last hope of sick kids too poor to buy insurance, he has gone one toke too far on his personal odyssey to Hell. It is Social Darwinism run amok.

It must be stopped.

Learn more and email your Members of Congress today — tell them to stop these harmful Medicaid regulations from being enacted!


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