Chaos at Fox

Oh, and by the way, I will support ANY Democratic candidate that can cause this much chaos at Fox News.  How is this not awesome?

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  1. Those clips are phenomenal. I think Richardson quoted it best in his endorsement of Obama today?

    “A house divided against itself can not stand.”
    -Abraham Lincoln

  2. yeah, if I wasn’t at work, I would have actually put them up myself, and where the hell are you? I’ve been on google chat for the past hour or so…


    Anyway, if I wasn’t at work I would have posted the clips, but there you go.

    Richardsom, damn, what awesomeness.

    There’s a new CBS poll showing that Obama has pretty much survived the Wright debacle, but I’m going to go ahead and let that wait until Monday. No one’s reading us this late on a Friday anyway.

    I swear, O-Dub has the battle cry for this stage of the primary.

    “Chill, he’s got this.”

  3. James Boswell says:

    It is astounding to see how unfairly and viciously some radio and TV commentators are reacting to Barack Obama’s speech on race. It is simply inexcusable to say, as they do, that Obama “threw his own [white] grandmother under the bus.”

    Rather, contrary to what everyone expected, he didn’t throw anyone under the bus, neither his regrettably hate-filled pastor, nor his own partially prejudiced grandmother who herself admitted that she sometimes struggled with such feelings (as Obama makes clear in his book, Dreams of My Father). He didn’t throw racially resentful blue collar workers under the bus, nor did he throw angry unemployed black radicals, nor you or me under the bus.

    Instead, he pointed out that we are all part of this wonderful but in some ways still flawed America, and that there are legitimate reasons for some of the hurtful black and white anger that divides us — anger which, nonetheless, we should all strive to overcome.

    Never since Lincoln has a politician spoken to our nation with greater candor, dignity, and truthfulness. Obama stands tall above all the carping talk show hosts who — resentful at being confronted by a person so utterly sincere, honest and, quite simply, good — try in vain to pick him to pieces.

    His speech will stand the test of time because it represents something new — not politics as usual, but something that lies at the root of all right-minded religion. I begin to wonder if America is worthy of this person of such uniqueness, stature, integrity, and amazing magnanimity.

    Rev. Jim Boswell

  4. I couldn’t agree with you more Reverend. You know, as much as I don’t want to use the word inappropriately, the last week of media coverage really felt like a lynching to me. That may seem harsh, but here was a guy who was being attacked on racial lines for speaking more truth than any political figure has in a very long time. And it really felt that white people finally found their opening to criticize Obama along race, and that made me feel dirty.

    Indeed, look at Wright. We are now learning that Fox, go figure, took at least one of his sermons so far out of context it is simply grotesque. The “Chickens have come home to roost” sermon, and I’m going to post this monday, was actually Wright paraphrasing a Reagan administration official who had said that in the wake of 911, and then turned his sermon into one that focused on stopping the cycle of violence, and reaffirming one’s own relationship with God.

    I’m not going to say that the rest of the chopped up sermons were like that, but if they are, this guy got railroaded but good. An organization trying to pass itself off as mainstream just engaged in a straight up hit piece.

    And I’m not too thrilled with the Clinton campaign trying to capitalize off of it either.

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