Clinton As McCain’s Veep Revisited

On Tuesdays I listen to Air America.  Virginia doesn’t air the liberal radio station, and normally I don’t have the opportunity to sit down and listen in, but on Tuesdays I typically end up with about an hour of busy work that makes livestreaming Air America perfect.

To be honest, I’ve always had luke warm feelings towards them.  I loved Al Franken when he was still heading up the flagship program, and what left leaning political junkie doesn’t love Rachel Maddow?  Still Randi Rhodes has a tendency to go off the deep end, and a few of the undercard hosts are, well, they’re too liberal for my liking.

But the funny thing about listening to Air America on Tuesdays is that instead of tuning in to Rachel Maddow, I’m usually listening to Sam Seder who fills in for her.  This is because Rachel typically joins Keith Olbermann for MSNBC’s election day coverage.

I mention all of this because earlier today I quickly hit up a Hillary Clinton quote from yesterday wherein she essentially put McCain on a pedestal over Obama, saying she had a lifetime of experience, McCain had a lifetime of experience, and Obama had a speech he gave in 2002.

To be honest, I was rightfully upset.  Drawing distinctions between candidates in the primaries is fine, but Hillary Clinton was unduly picking McCain over Obama.  As Rachel Maddow pointed out, this is how you run for Vice President, not set up a unified front against the Republican candidate.

Still, I sort of figured this wouldn’t get that much play–even among liberals.  But I have got to say, this was about fifty percent of what Sam Seder covered this evening, and while he attempted to defer most commentary to callers, he was notably put off by the comment.

And so were most of the callers.  In fact, not a single one came up with a viable defense for Clinton’s words, the closest anyone came was to bring up Obama’s Reagan quote.  As has been discussed before, the Reagan quote was not the adolation of the late president that Clinton supporters like to think it is, but instead an observation of Reagan’s political acumen.

The ultimate point to all of this is that this is primarily the reason why Clinton leaving this race sooner than later is for the better.  As has been calculated over and over again, mathematically Clinton has no believable path to a lead in pledged delegates.  Given this situation, and the likelihood that Super Delegates are not going to be willing to risk overturning the decision of Democratic voters, she has to at least respect the fact that Obama could be the Democratic candidate in the General Election.

This doesn’t mean that she has to be totally hands off, but it does mean that we as Democrats need to start practicing a converted form of Reagan’s eleventh commandment; this one stating “Thou shalt not harm thy fellow Democrats.”

The problem with this primary continuing on is that Clinton more than Obama is going to have to be more damaging in order to have even a bare glimmer of a shot at winning the nomination.  Even then, that’s not likely to guarantee anything.  What it will guarantee, though, is that it will further bloody up Obama making him a weaker candidate against John McCain.

The problem with this little speech clip from Hillary Clinton is that it telegraphs that she doesn’t seem to care very much.

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