Dear SusanUnPC: Got your white hood on?

Everytime I think SusanUnPC at No Quarter hasn’t sunk low enough in her attacks against Obama, she rents a bulldozer and digs. This time, though, she dug too far — right into white power.

Rumproast, a blog that’s been on fire today, churns out another must-read post. He’s been reading No Quarter lately, keeping tabs on SusanUnPC’s latest antics:

Last night, No Quarter’s SusanUnPC, winner of our previous “Hilldo of the Day” award for favorably quoting a Patrick Buchanan editorial in which he basically wrote that African Americans should get down on their knees and thank their country for enslaving their ancestors, introduced her knucklebloggers to the work of quervodrinker, who she referred to as “another fine video artist.”

The topic of the rest of this post shall be quervodrinker, who SusanUnPC endorses as “another fine video artist”. Rumproast delved into some of his other “fine” work…

At first, I came upon his hillaryious video mashup called “The Obama’s,” which swaps in the Obamas as TV’s the Jeffersons (replete with the show’s intro song), inserts video of what quervodrinker claims is a Kenyan riot, and ends with, get this, footage of the World Trade Center collapsing.

Hilarious! But wait, there’s more …comparisons to Hitler? Yup, that too.

…his biggest hit to date (over 19k views as of this writing): “Obama, Wright and Hitler The Three Stooges!

If those aren’t bad enough, Rumproast read some of the comments to quervodrinker’s Youtube videos. Yes, get ready, there’s more racism!

if blacks dont like it here, get the fuck out…. we will trade the whites “stuck” in south africa for the blacks that are “stuck” here, at least they will contribute to this country instead of leach off of it!

well i dont know if blacks are smarter, i do know that if they do not get there way a large number of them will burn down cities, loot, beat and kill people!
la riots in the 60’s, chicago riots, rodney king riots, kenya riots, etc, etc, etc.

And if you thought that was the worst of it, get ready for some n-bombs. Rumproast decided to find some comments from the man himself. So, in his own words, here’s four Youtube comments from quervodrinker, SusanUnPC’s new favorite video blogger:

barack will lose, i am a dem and if barack gets the nomination, i will vote mccain…… fuck that nigger racist bastard fuck….. i just assume see him in prison for dealing with rezko……. you will never make it into office toby!

shut the fuck up nigger! white people can do nothing right in your eyes….

the white separatist movement is on the rise!

if you dont like it go back to africa you fucking nigger!

Unbelievable… And I didn’t even quote the worst ones that Rumproast had found. This is who SusanUnPC supports to deliver us from the supposed evils of Obama.

Blatant racism and white supremacy has no place on any leftwing blog. None whatsoever. Earlier last week, a group email conversation between leftwing bloggers was launched to try and quell the infighting between Hillary and Obama supporters, to try and reach a truce. For my part, I said that I wouldn’t be able to stay quiet if some of the extreme Hillary supporters used racism and comparisons to Hitler against Obama, because that’s just over the line — and if the same actions were committed against Hillary by an Obama supporter, then I’d take those bloggers to the woodshed, too.

Well, as far as I’m concerned, the truce is dead. Long live its brief existence.

If SusanUnPC had any sense of humiliation, she would apologize for spreading the worst form of racism and retire from blogging. And if Larry Johnson had any honor, he would have booted her from posting on his blog a long time ago. But these Hillary supporters have no scruples. And I don’t want to make any blanket statementts against Hillary’s other supporters, most of whom I’m sure aren’t completely insane, but let me just say that when you sleep with the dogs, you wake up with fleas. SusanUnPC and the rest of No Quarter is a flea-infested Great Dane, and it’s time for everyone — no matter what candidate you support — to admonish them; to boot them from discourse in the blogosphere. They no longer deserve to be here.

13 Responses to “Dear SusanUnPC: Got your white hood on?”

  1. I’m glad you posted this. I saw it earlier and I couldn’t because YouTube is firewalled at work.

    I mean really? This is what we want representing the party? And for quervodrinker, it’s not, “assume,” it should be, “as soon,” you know, because there’s no excuse to be grammatically incorrect in your racism.

    I’m just saying.

  2. tas says:

    I tried watching some of the Youtube links, but I don’t want to be completed pissed off right now.

    This is just beyond the pale. If this flames up into a blogosphere controversy — as it very well should, in my humble opinion — I know Susan will use the tired, “I didn’t know he was that racist” excuse. I no longer consider that an excuse. All it takes is five minutes to vet these people… Hell, he’s friggen videos and comments made are linked in his damn Youtube profile, all it would have taken is a glance to see just what kind of asshole quervodrinker is.

    After uncritically quoting Newsmax and a white power source, I wonder what’s next for Susan. Maybe she’ll link to link the latest anti-Obama scoop on Stormfront!

  3. Well, I think the thing that tipped me off to a possible racist link was the use of the “Jeffersons” that you and Kevin mentioned. That struck me as a little… I don’t know… insensitive. The N-bombs, yeah, that’s another story.

    You know, even after walking away from the truce, I STILL haven’t stooped to crap like this. And I wish I wasn’t stuck in the lab, otherwise I would be posting about how over at MSNBC we learn in an MSNBC/WSJ poll that of the two democratic candidates that took a hit in the aftermath of the Wright scandal… yeah… it was Clinton.

    Karma… we haz some.

  4. Kevin K. says:

    Unfortunately, I think SusanUnPC has crossed what I’ll refer to as the Anti-Idiotarian Rottweiller line where everyone just looks away and doesn’t pay much attention to her rants anymore. It’s a shame, but it’s true. You would think people would be as upset about her promoting the videos of a blatant racist as they recently were about that Instapunk post, but I guess not. I’m rather dumbfounded as to how pathetic the left side of the blogosphere has been about policing their own. Aside from tas, the TM Experience and a few other scattered and sensible souls, I’m not seeing anywhere near enough of it.

  5. Kevin K. says:

    Hey, tas, also noticed that you thought the comments on his Hitler video were from other people. Nope. All of those comments were from quervodrinker (ie “if blacks dont like it here, get the fuck out,” etc.)

  6. Kevin, first, I want to apologize that one of your comments got caught up in the spam filter, that’s going to happen when people post links… I should make an announcementor something.

    Anyway, I think one of the reasons why there’s not as much policing going on is that in the end there may be some hope that we’ll be able to come back together at the end of the primary. But I think it’s just gotten to a point where a lot of blogs have got to realize that they pretty much crossed the line and they may not be welcome back when everything’s said and done.

  7. tas says:

    Kevin, quervodrinker said all of that shit in the comments you posted? GEez.. Thanks for pointing that out.

    As for leftwing blogs policing their own, I don’t think they ever really have in the first place, unfortunately. I think back to the arguments of linking practices by big bloggers, and how they mainly linked only to other big bloggers. Smaller bloggers? Screw’em. Female bloggers? Screw’em. And then whenever Ron B. from Why Are We Back In Iraq?, or Jesse from Gotham City 13, or me, tried pointing this out, we were told by Atrios to shove it. There’s a mindset that the blogger is only responsible for what’s posted on their blog, and as I’ve been pining about for years, we need to move beyond that. Into conversations about linking practices, but also policing our own.

    Because at this point, there’s absolutely no reason why a blogroll link for No Quarter should even exist on any self-respecting leftwing blog. None.

    But there’s a problem with blog readers, too… No Quarter will still get thousands of hits despite SusanUnPC’s lunatic, racism-supporting rantings.

  8. Jebus, thanks for reminding me about that. I need to get rid of No Quarter’s link on our blog.

  9. Yea, sorry, just took care of that for us.

  10. Kevin K. says:

    I don’t know, the A-List blogger circle jerk has never bothered me much. On my old blog ( I benefited from the occasional Atrios link and the surge in traffic sure was gratifying, but I’m not sure how much it helped in the long run. There are just so many blogs now that it’s pretty hard to break through regardless of what you (or others) do. The formula for success is one I haven’t figured out yet, especially when factoring in that there are a lot of crap blogs that get big traffic.

    And Kyle, a No Quarter link … shame on you! 😉 Excise that tumor toot sweet.

    I recently called out Brad from Sadly, No! for having a link to Taylor on his blogroll on a post where he was complaining about BTD (Armando) from Talk Left. I felt like a bit of a dick (here comes the blogroll police!), but he wrote that he’s going to take it down.

  11. Kathleen says:

    Susanunpc is a Hillary lunatic. I had been commenting there for quite some time and even though Susan and I disagreed on many issues, she seemed willing to take on appropriate criticism. But in the last several months she seems to have gone off the cliff. When I commented ” Looks like the Daily Kos to me” in response to some gutter language being used to describe Obama. Susan warned me that she was moderating my comments and when I would not back off and challenged Susan’s unwillingness to look at this issue fairly (she did not allow those comments on) she banned me and then completely lied about me claiming that I had posted under other names and was trying to get around her block. (utter hogwash).

    Susan could not take appropreate and respectful criticism of her blogging and some of the outrageous comments about Obama at her site. The language used to describe Obama at Susans is a disrespectful, unnecessary as the very language that Susan and others were criticizing the Daily Kos for.

    Susan is a LIAR a hypocrite and a Hillary Lunatic. She is not able to take criticism and her site should be BOYCOTTED!

  12. Thozman says:

    Yea it’s all whitey’s fault.
    All the crime, the hate infested black churches, the hate infested rap music, the 7-1 ratio of blacks killing whites AND blacks. It’s all whitey’s fault.
    Maybe the tens of thousands of white American troops that died during the civil war to free the blacks are to blame. Give me a break.

  13. Susan Friend says:

    SusanUnPc / SusanHU is actually Susan Hudgens from Port Angeles, WA. She is in need of dire medical attention and collects tax payer money which allows her to blog her hatred 24/7 without having to work like the rest of us to pay our bills.

    It is neccessary for her real identity to come out in order for her to face REALITY. She’d rather have folks thinking she is a “Ms. Hu” rather than the older white angry woman that she really is.

    If you want to verify this information get the Issaquah High School yearbook for 1977


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