Does This Mean We Can Move On Now?

For a couple of days now, it’s been all Eliot all the time.  First, he’s involved with a prostitution ring, then he’s “client 9”, then he’s spending more on hookers than a lot of folks make in a year.  It’s a news story that has taken a press corps that is already prone to shallow coverage and turned them into CNN when Lindsay Lohan goes on a bender.

Not that there’s some very important things going on.  Hypocrisy, corruption, and the prospects of a new governor for one of the biggest governments in the country, all very much noteworthy.  But it boils down to one thing; hardly anyone would care if Eliot Spitzer’s penis wasn’t involved.

So you’ll forgive me if I caught Spitzer fatigue a little quick here.  I want to go back to the normal levels of media shallowness as opposed to the hyper intense shallowness caused by that all attention sucking topic of sex with someone other than one’s spouse.

Hopefully, that reprieve is soon to come with the announcement that Spitzer is slated to resign within the hour.

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