Five More Reasons Why Hillary Clinton’s Bosnia Lie Is Important

Now, yesterday, I discussed my own personal reaction to the Bosnia lie put forth by Hillary Clinton.  It shows a blatant disconnect between a potential Commander in Chief, and the forces that she seeks to command.  Bag News Notes comes up with five more reasons why the Bosnia lie brings into question how prepared Hillary Clinton is to stand in as Commander in Chief.

1.  The latter shot evokes the image of the threatened young children asleep in Clinton’s 3AM “Who Can You Rely On?” ad.  What the Tuzla imbroglio does is to raise the question whether Hillary — upon receipt of that 3 AM call — wouldn’t have trouble accurately interpreting the level of danger to these young innocents.

2.  These pictures uncover something of a paranoid streak.  The “dramatically non-threatening” scenes undermine the argument Hillary makes that she is constantly under enemy attack.

3.  Whereas Chelsea has emerged this year in the role of Hillary’s soul-sister, as well as someone who reinforces and insulates the campaign on the gender front, these visuals also call Chelsea’s integrity into question, and make her seem more like a political prop.

4.  Hillary’s over-dramatization of danger in a conflict setting can’t help but bring to mind her validation of George Bush’s over-dramatization of the threat of Iraqi WMD, and her consequent support of the Iraq war resolution.

5.  The Tuzla images start to unwind a great deal of campaign work designed to frame Hillary as the more experienced candidate.  In a curious line in the original CBS report in ’96, reporter Cheryl Atkinson says: “Mrs. Clinton … is well aware that she risks looking like she is trying to do the President’s job.”  In the present context, these photos reinforce Clinton as the ambitious former first lady far more than potential Commander-in-Chief.

For much of these items, and buried somewhere metaphysically in my own first point, the key component is reality assessment.  Does Hillary Clinton suffer from an ability to accurately and appropriately address the situation around her?  Now, Hillary has tried to explain this away by claiming that she was “sleep-deprived,” and “that she misspoke.”

I’m no stranger to sleep deprivation, let me tell you.  I’m a proud member of the “72 Hours” club (shipboard life-required to stay awake for three full days to join this club), and a mild insomniac so I kinda have an idea of what happens when you aren’t getting enough sleep.  I’ve done the reduced motor skills and the baggy eyes, nausea and and yawning so excessive my jaw started cramping–hell I’ve even hallucinated on multiple occasions.  But I’ve never, never ever had my memory altered by a lack of sleep.

But these are personal experiences and I’m no medical professional, so I went and looked up the symptoms on Wikipedia which I try not to use too terribly often for my writing here, but figured nothing could be hurt this time.

So here, in general the symptoms that one can expect to suffer from sleep deprivation:

The closest thing that we have to what Hillary did is “memory lapses or loss”, not what I was looking for which would have been akin to “memory alteration”.  Because, she didn’t forget, she remembered something that didn’t actually happen.  Sleep deprivation doesn’t make you remember things you never did, it makes you forget things.  It’s like that “on the tip of my tongue” sensation only much more broadly applied.

So, since altered memory isn’t exactly a symptom of sleep deprivation, than it’s pretty clear that Hillary Clinton outright lied to make herself look good and got caught in the act, or the Right Wing Conspiracy against her is far more serious than any of us thought, and it has planted a microchip in her brain to spout off stupid lies from the hip.

At least that would explain why Hillary’s using the Right Wing Media to launch an assault on Barack Obama.

One Response to “Five More Reasons Why Hillary Clinton’s Bosnia Lie Is Important”

  1. Mukul Pipalia says:

    Clintons are pathological liars. Hillary did learn many tricks of trade in White House to be ready on Day One-TO LIE TO AMERICAN PEOPLE AGAIN. Why Americans vote for liars like Hillary is an enigma. I hope media really gives her the much needed attention she complains she is not getting by fully bringing her Bosnia Story/fantasy/exaggerations/lies to limelight. This will help people who feel comfortable about voting a seasoned liar into office vote for her.
    I think at this stage the best Hillary could do is to drop out of a completely lost race unless she thinks she can get on Larry King Live, shed tears over her Bosnia and other lies/stories, revealing her emotional side to fool people again into giving her landslide victories in the upcoming primaries. ‘Truth’ has not failed her in this election, it was never tried from ‘Day One’.


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