Friday Blogroll Call… On Thursday!

So it’s been a hellaciously busy day. I haven’t had much of an opportunity to blog, and when I did, I was really not particularly pleased with the news.

Most importantly, I’m getting a little sick of the Democratic primaries having crossed the boundaries of fatique long ago and getting awfully close to nausea. For all the record breaking fundraising and voter turnouts, it’s not a particularly good time to be a Democrat.

Now, don’t get overly worried about me, I should be back to my usual self come tomorrow, just, for this evening, I think I’m going to need a break, so I’m going to let our friends in the blogosphere do a little heavy lifting.

As an added bonus, the posts I’m linking to today will not mention Geraldine Ferraro, Rev. Wright, nor Eliot Spitzer, so if those names have reached a point where you start running for the nearest toilet as bile floods your mouth, and the pressure of your half digested lunch starts surging upwards through your body cavity, relax, I offer at least a moment’s reprieve.

But first, as with every blogroll call, the deal. We’re on a continuous mission to grow our blogroll while at the same time find our humble little chunk of the internet linked to by as many bloggers as we can. So, if you would like to join the much coveted CFLF blogroll, all you got to do is put us on your blogroll, and let me know in the comments section of this blog.

Usually I get to this within the same day, but there is one new addition that had to wait five days before getting featured on our roll mainly because I just didn’t get around to it. As a reward for that blogger’s patience, they’re going to be our first feature today.

The Charters of Dreams is a blog that is probably a little more conservative than one might find on a liberal blogroll, but that’s all fine and dandy by me. There’s some pretty solid ideas coming from over there, and I find myself particularly fond of Christopher’s analysis on who really has passed some Commander in Chief Test.

Next up is a pretty exciting one for me. Dustin was a great blogger I had become familiar with during his time over at the Gun Toting Liberal, but has also contributed on other prominent blogs such as the Poligazette. He took a temporary break from blogging but is back with his own solo gig called Centerpoint Review. There should be some good stuff coming from this blog and already Dustin is hitting McCain hard as hell with that most damning of political labels; flip-flopper.

Finally mentioning Dustin’s new blog had me looking up his old blog over at the GTL, where we find that Bush has erased China from the worst human rights offenders watch list… Because, you know, China has really cleaned up its act lately.

Well, that’s it, I’ll see yall tomorrow.

UPDATE: Apologies go out to the GTL–I had set the link up wrong. It’s fixed now.

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  1. man, u and me both, i dont and have not watch real l since xalifornia debate – i od


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