Friday Blogroll Call: One Among Our Number Will Be Lost FOREVER!!!!

It’s a sad day in the brief but lucrative history of the Friday Blogroll Call; we have found ourselves in a position where we had to indefinitely remove a blog from our blogroll.  But, as would be in keeping with the circle of life, as one blog must leave us, another is welcomed into the fold.

The blog to be ousted forever from our roll is none other than No Quarter, a once respected blog on the left side of the blogosphere.  It’s purging does not come from the simple and banal fact that it is one of the few remaining places on the internet where Hillary Clinton supporters can collect, though that aspect informs the ultimate reason why it must be stricken from our roster.

As Tas so clearly detailed, SusanUnPC, a frequent and rabid anti-Obama blogger at NQ has taken her Obama Derangement Syndrome to the point of supporting and lauding the work of blatant racists.  We can’t abide such behavior from the blogs on our roll, and we hope the rest of the liberal blogosphere holds the same standards.

Further, if any of our readers find any blog that engages in similar behavior, please inform us, preferably with a link to the offending post, and that blog shall also be stricken from our rolls.  We can promote opposing ideas, but we cannot support those who support hateful propaganda.

I really kinda hate having to start off our blogroll call under such a negative note because there’s some great news to share too, including a new blog to replace No Quarter.  But before we get to the good stuff, a quick reminder on how this works.

It’s simple as can be.  We want to be on your blogroll, and we want to continue to grow our own blogroll, so if you would like an esteemed position on our blogroll, all you have to do is put us on yours and leave me a quick note in the comments section, and it’ll be taken care of ASAP.  Also, joining our blogroll means that next week when I do the roll call, you’re guaranteed a featured spot where we shed the spotlight on other bloggers, as I’m about to do starting… NOW!

Okay, last week I mentioned that linking us through the week is going to greatly increase the chance of getting featured during the weekly roll call.  This week, one can’t ignore the multiple link love we got from the Newshoggers so they’re going to get the first link of the day.  Now, I used to be pretty solid on what was going on in Iraq, but as most of you know, horse race is my first and truest love, so I’ve kind of put on blinders regarding everything else.

Still, Iraq has gotten real hot lately, and the Newshoggers is one of the better blogs out there to go to keep up on what’s really going on.  In this post, Cernig takes a look at the Knight Moves Maliki’s government tried to put over on Mouqtada al Sadr, and how big of a risk the violence we see right now is for all players involved.

Next up, as I’ve said, we’ve got a new blogger on the roll, one Kevin who presides over the excellent blog, Rumproast.  In this post, Kevin points out just how adept the Obama campaign really is in the rough and tumble of politics.  Anyone who thinks that he can’t hang with the Right Wing Attack Machine really isn’t paying much attention to how deftly he is handling the Clinton Attack Machine.  Like he said in several of his speeches, “I may be skinny, but I’m tough… I’m wiry.”

Finally, for our third slot, I had a tough time deciding on who I wanted to be the last feature, but Rainbow Demon reminded me of something that I really wanted to congratulate a friend of ours on.  I wanted to congratulate Raw Dawg Buffalo on the release of his latest book, Dirt Behind My EarsI’ve yet to read any of his books, but if they’re anything like his blogging, I’m definitely going to be picking up a couple here in the future.  For me, it’ll probably have to wait until after the GE, but I couldn’t think of a better way to wind down after nearly two years of fast and furious campaign blogging.

So, in honor of the new book, he gets the plug above (go buy his damn book), and I wanted to feature this interesting post about a woman cashing in writing about experiences she apparently never had and pretending to be someone she never really was.

That does it for this week folks.  Take care of yourselves, and I’m hoping to get a couple posts up tonight… hopefully.  So stay tuned.

2 Responses to “Friday Blogroll Call: One Among Our Number Will Be Lost FOREVER!!!!”

  1. Cernig says:

    Heh, I’ve never blogrolled No Quarter in the first place. You link who links kindly to you, not who’s popular, and it all sorts itself out thereby.

    Regards, C

  2. And see, this is kind of the thing. Once upon a time, we kinda liked Larry Johnson, but he just went completely off the rails. Even in war mode I can’t get myself to go as ugly as he does, or SusanUnPC, or Taylor Marsh even. I just can’t do it.

    Ach, but I went off topic, you know, that’s one of the crazy things about this primary, a lot of new battle lines that I suppose nobody really expected are getting drawn, so now, there you go. Taylor Marsh is funny because I had started reading her several times before the primaries began and I was contemplating putting her on the roll at one point… Yeah.

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