Friday Blogroll Call: The Late Edition

First, an apology.  I normally like to do our weekly blogroll call as part of our morning content, however after speaking with Mike, we wanted to keep this post at the top for as long as we could, so I abstained from further postings including the roll call until now.

But now it’s time for the evening content and we got much to discuss, beginning with growing our blogroll and highlighting the work of some other bloggers.

First and foremost, I extend yet again an open invitation to anyone wishing to be on the CFLF blogroll.  It’s the easiest thing to do; just put us on your blogroll and leave a comment below with your url.  If you are just totally phobic of comments sections, no matter, just send us a quick email either at my email address or the site’s general address and we’ll get you hooked up (just not too much sooner than eleven o’clock tonight when I’ll have my first chance to check them).  To get those emails just click on the “about” link off to the side.

Now, for this week’s spotlight, we got a good mix.  We got some old friends we’re going to focus on, a new addition to the blogroll, and we’re going to link up someone who is on our roll, but we’re not on his (hint-hint-hint).  Most of these are bloggers you probably already know, and if you don’t, you should.

First up, it’s been far too long since I dropped some linky-goodness for our friends over at the Newshoggers.  Luckily for me, Libby has a perfect companion bit up that works well with the “Abandon Hope” post I wrote earlier.  The clincher?  After all the stuff the Clintons went through, one would think Hillary would know better than to heap that kind of dirt on a fellow Democrat.

For shame.

Next up is Oliver Willis who quickly gets to the point-all politics is a practice in narcissism, but what Hillary is putting the party through goes far beyond that.

Finally, a hearty welcome to the roll and thanks for reciprocation to Dr. Ron Chusid over at Liberal Values who puts to word a sentiment I’ve been thinking an awful lot lately; so what if an Obama aide called Hillary a monster?  She’s not?  Prove it.

Wow, one would almost think there’s a running theme to this week’s selections, huh?

Well, that’s it for this week’s roll call-drop a comment, hook us up, let us hook you up, and we’ll meet back here again next week.

UPDATE: Thanks to Christopher at Charters Of Dreams for linking in.  He takes the firing of Obama’s aide from a different perspective and its worth a read.

2 Responses to “Friday Blogroll Call: The Late Edition”

  1. Hey Kyle — no problem. Thanks for promoting my article. I’m a beginning blogger, and I’m tying to learn to 1) write well and 2) civilly make my points and disagree (not easy!).

    I like your blog, your friendlness, and tone. As I come from the right (i.e., libertarian), I welcome any comments or insights you have from your prespective from the Left Field on my thinking/reasoning (or lack thereof :).

    Check out my blog tomorrow where I quote you again in another piece you might find interesting: “Why John McCain’s Temper is Probably the only Good Reason to Vote for Him.”

    It’s scheduled to be published sometime tomorrow, if I can figure out the damn settings on my movable type account 🙂

    – Cheers,

    P.S. I’ll also put you on my blogroll.

  2. Dude… I’m so terribly sorry it took so long to get you on there, but you are now. I just put you on the blogroll. It’s been a hectic week or so for me, so that is why it took so long.

    Thanks for the addition!

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