Getting Suckered by Our Own Guys

Our political system has devolved into a cross between a bad Don Rickles joke and a high school fire drill during freshman orientation. Obama is at best a hypocrite and at worst Hillary in drag, only with less heavy eye-liner. Hillary seems to be going for Nixon Redux, and McCain is Fright Nightwith the Kewl Kids at the National Review Dorm, surrounded by an army somebody gave them for Xmas to play Dungeons ‘n’ Dragons with.

Not a pretty future we’re looking at here, and attention should be paid before it’s too late. Meaning, of course, that it already is. We’ve saddled ourselves with a crew of right-wing choices, all of them corporate stooges, all of them hawks to greater or lesser degree, and none of them have the slightest interest in challenging the Beltway status quo or the punditocracy’s assumptions. What to do?

I’ve given up the idea of getting anybody to pay attention to this because all the so-called “progressives” are all caught up in the Hillary v. Obama farce and will continue to track that ill-begotten game until it’s as stale as last week’s bread, pretending all the while that the primaries are “significant”. That they “matter”. That each candidate is “different” from the other.

Balderdash. We’ve been suckered into caring about this meaningless circus no less than conservatives have been suckered into believing there are radical Islamic terrorists hiding in their hydrangea bushes. I am ashamed of all of us. We have fallen for some of the oldest tricks in the book. As David Sirota put it a few months ago (via Thomas Nephew at newsrack blog):

And so this is what we get – a kabuki dance from candidates who pray that voters are too dumb to figure it all out. Here we have two candidates going before workers telling them they will really represent them by opposing sell-out trade deals, and then telling the elite political Establishment that actually, they will continue voting for those very same trade deals when they hit the floor of the Senate.

The point being that this is the same old bait-and-switch that George W has been using for 7 years, only we refuse to recognize it because “our guys” are doing it this time.

The fact of the matter is that it’s no better when we do it than when they do it, and if we don’t wake up to the fact that we’re being manipulated by a glitzy, rhinestone-studded extravaganza behind which lies the same Dark Angel of corruption and decomposition, we’re going to lose both our democracy and our freedom.

In case you haven’t been paying attention, it’s already happening, and the Democrats are in the thick of it.

What do you think of us now?

5 Responses to “Getting Suckered by Our Own Guys”

  1. You know… we were really trying not to have too many more posts for the day.

  2. Oh…

    I’m sorry

    I forgot

    you would have people not vote because that would be… Awesomely effective.

    I mean…

    If we all stopped voting, damn we would be free then right?

  3. Pick up a gun and start a revolution already otherwise, get over it.

    I’m pretty much getting sick of the hissy fits.

  4. mick says:

    And I’m getting pretty tired of how deep in Barak’s Tank you’ve sunk. So they’ve made your vote – all our votes – meaningless, so what? You get to pretend they haven’t and that’s all that counts. To you, a vote between 2 all but identical candidates is “awesomely effective”, never mind that the voting mechanisms in many states are a shambles or that policy choices are dictated by outside interests or that the evidence is mounting that both candidates are more than slightly conservative, more than slightly beholden to corporate and financial interests.

    Just because you drank the KoolAde doesn’t mean the rest of us have to. Voting per se doesn’t mean very much in a rigged election. But apparently the rigging isn’t important to you as long as the kabuki goes on.

    If you’re really “trying not to have too many more posts today”, why don’t you curb your output just a tad? I doubt we’d miss 7 or 8 of the 20 posts you’ll write about how wonderful Obama is and what a grand Horse Race the primaries are and how big a skunk Hillary is. After, oh, I don’t know, 200 or 300 of these things we’ve all pretty much heard it before, yah know?

  5. Alright… I’m not doing this here.


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