Gore Lead Dread Ticket?

I am sitting in on a conference call so I can’t dive deep into this but the short is I just saw on the MSNBC crawl something about a Gore lead Democratic dream ticket? Use this thread to discuss the possibility. Is this a distraction? Could it work? Is the media simply looking to stir the pot?

Comments please.

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  1. PSoTD says:

    It’s a pipe dream that would be as damaging to the Democratic Party as anything else that could be done. Regardless of what I think of Gore as the nominee (which is very highly) it lays out the primary process as an entire sham if we don’t go with one of the candidates that has done the work to pursue the nomination. The idea that we should “appoint by proxy” the nominee will push a lot of people away from the Party forever.

  2. Not going to happen. You really want to anger the heart of the grassroots? Do this.

    You’ve got a lot of entrenched Dems slugging it out for their candidate. One team is going to go home sore losers and it’s going to take a great deal of reconciliation to get them back. Turn both teams into losers, I jsut don’t see it. I don’t think Al Gore is going to do that, and I don’t think he continues to have any interest in the Oval Office, but I could be wrong.

  3. I will buy you both a coke.

    The story that is playing on MSNBC is being forwarded by some congressman. Not sure of his name but I am sure this will find it;s way to memeo.

  4. It’s unimportant. I’m not discounting that Gore may try to offer himself up as presidential nominee to quell the animosity, but as much as I like the guy and would have had a hard time deciding between he and Obama through the primaries, I couldn’t support him under those circumstances, not at all. I think a lot of Dems feel that way.

  5. terry says:

    It was a comment from U.S. Rep. Tim Mahoney of Florida

    Here’s the full article:

    Not sure why what this guy says is getting so much play??

  6. Because he’s from florida.

  7. jlo says:

    I believe it is Congressman in Florida?

  8. jlo says:

    wow, I need to refresh more often…

  9. James says:

    It’s a very good idea if the right circumstances arise, namely, Hillary and Obama continue to tear each other to shreds over the next three months, rendering each of them unelectable. Gore-Obama would be a very good unity ticket and would be equally unbeatable.

  10. tas says:

    If Gore is placed on top of the ticket, Dr. Seuss will come back from the dead and write a book called “Mockery of Democracy”. As is, this primary season has maybe been enough to garner such a title, put if a candidate who didn’t even run gets the nomination, a lot of people will wonder why they even bothered voting.

    He might not be a viable veep candidate, either, since that was his last government job.

  11. Pretty much.

    I mean, like I said, had Gore actually run, I would probably be singing a different tune, but he didn’t, and there you go. As for him being a veep, I wouldn’t necessarily say that him being a veep before would dq him so much as his current narrative is far better for the top of the ticket.

    That’s to say that I think he’s too liberal to run with Obama who himself is going to be seen as very liberal. Now I’m not talking as a partisan right now, I’m approaching this as a strategist. I think what would best compliment Obama is someone who is viewed as more moderate or centrist than he is from a centrist or moderate point of view. The Nation or other dyed in the wool liberals and progressives calling Obama a centrist doesn’t count.

    That’s why I think the two best possible VP picks for Obama both come out of Virginia. Tim Kaine would be better in that I think this would become an incredibly ergonomic campaign given that the two work so well together (I’ve now been to two rallies where they both spoke), but I think Jim Webb is the safer pick as he will bring military credentials that Tim Kaine lacks.

  12. bobj says:

    I agree that it would be a terrible blow for the democratic party and democratic primary voters if the superdelegates went into a room at the convention then came out to announce Gore as the nominee with Obama as desiganed VP. This is the way the idea was presented on MSNBC last night, and as much as I believe it would never happen my wife and I both jumped out of our chairs and screamed with delight as it was said! Gore has far too much credibility and respect for the party to take the nomination away from those who’ve campaigned for the past two years. And yet, nothing has made me jump like that (except perhaps in anger) since it all started so long ago. Clinton/Obama dream ticket? I think they have that one backwards, but the best would surely be Gore/Obama had Al put in the time and the miles. Ah, to dream.

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