Governor Paterson Had Sex Too

So Governor Paterson has barely been sworn in to replace Eliot Spitzer at the top job in New York, and already his sex life is making headlines too.  Yes, Paterson also had extra marital affairs, but this is okay because the Paterson’s were going through a rough spot, they have coped with it, and they are ready to lead a life of public scrutiny without sex induced scandal.

In fact, I have to give a lot of credit to Paterson’s wife, Michelle, who even seemed to provide preemptive damage control should her husband be found with Roman hands again. 

When asked if she worried about “other women,” given how much time she and her husband spend apart, she replied, “Not really. I have a philosophy in life: You have to let people live their life. I feel my husband loves me and is devoted to the family. And I know he loves me. I am not going to worry about that stuff.”

Here’s the big point.  People have sex, often times inappropriately.  If we barred all people who had sex from running for or holding office, we would be left with the priests and the weird guy in accounting who still lives with his mom and has a funny smell that follows him everywhere he goes.

Seriously, you want to see the blowback of a sexually repressed society, just take a look at us.  We are a country where less than half the population takes part in self-governance, could care less about how the country is run, and couldn’t even pick out the vice president by sight let alone tell you his platform or ideological beliefs.  But the moment any elected official has sex anywhere, all of a sudden everyone in America is incredibly interested, as though we’re going to get reenactments with the bow-chicka-bowwow music.

I get it.  Sex is easier to understand.  You can talk all day about how the JPM bailout of Bear affects the economy, or the fiscal drain our continued presence in Iraq is having, and the political dynamics there that prevent a peaceful conclusion.  You can talk about all this stuff and it doesn’t get as simple and exciting as, “he put his thing in her thing”.

Here’s the problem, we let ourselves get dazzled by all the sex scandals, we tend to miss what’s important.  I’ll give Governor Paterson credit on this, at least he’s airing out his dirty laundry now because lord knows if we found out three weeks later about his extra marital affairs there goes another week or two of wall to wall political coverage.

As for the media.  When TMZ starts making you look like a tacky trade publication, you should probably take note.

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