Happy Democracy Fatigue Day

Digby asks a (simple) question that a number of us Canucks watching from the sidelines have also posited numerous times during the (over)extended run up to November:

Is there any reason why the parties choose a nominee through this delegate system at all? Why don’t they just count up the votes and give it to the one who won the most?

Pshh, what would she have the Best Political Team On Television talk about instead of the all-important horse raceissues?!

Yawn city, dude.

Via Fester @ The Newshoggers, BJ nails it:

Whatever else, I don’t want to see the Democrats wasting their resources beating each other down for the next several months, because I really, really don’t want to listen to failed Beach Boy President McCain tell us all how great his “bomb, bomb Iran” strategy really is.

Yeah, it’s a very catchy tune:

Just remember: the MSM’s favourite saintly maverick can sing any damn song he wants (even dog-whistlin’ Dixie in Arabic via third party) and the press will reflexively declare it to be a hit, whether or not they bothered listening to the entire album–kinda like that Maxim critic who preemptively slammed the Black Crowes’ new album, but in reverse.

Oh, and a sincere thank you to the voters of Alberta (all 41% percent of you!) for showing the powers-that-be what a (supposedly) dissatisfied Canadian electorate will do when pushed against the wall by (apparently) shoddy leadership: stand up and reward the incumbent party with 88% of the legislature on 53% of the popular vote (I truly heart first past the post).

But I’m sure the other 59% had much better things to do yesterday instead of casting a ballot:

Methinks it’s time to turn off the intertubes for a bit before I get the urge to convert to anarchism.

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4 Responses to “Happy Democracy Fatigue Day”

  1. God no, we could never have a straight popular election for anything. Can’t you see why that would never work? Srsly. Damn Cannucks don’t know nothing

  2. terry says:

    “Fatigue” is the perfect word to describe what I’m feeling this morning!

  3. Horace P Manure says:

    We all know Hillary is capable of answering the ‘call’ at 3 am – but I’d like to know which Hillary is going to pick up the phone.

    Will it be crying Hillary? Or, ‘drink your milkshake’ Hillary?

    Last thing we need is our foreign policy being decided by her flow.

  4. horace…

    No, she can’t pick up that phone. Damn it. the red phone used in the ad was a rip off of an old ad from back in the eighties. Back in the eighties it was relevant, though not so much now.

    Wanna know why?

    Because it’s a direct line ot MOSCOW! It was a big deal in the eighties because we were still in the midst of the cold war, but that’s been over for sometime now, and um… even if a direct call from Moscow was important, wouldn’t it be nice for Clinton to be able to pronounce Medvedev’s call correctly?


    This should be a post in and of itself.


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