Hillary Wins Rhode Island

With 13% reporting, Hillary Clinton is the projected winner of Rhode Island.  Right now the margin looks comparably narrow and nowhere near the kind of margin she needs in the smallest of the three state sweep she needs to pull off to be viable.

In Ohio and Texas, it’s still too close to call but with 11% reporting, Hillary has a very strong lead in the Buckeye state and I don’t expect it to take much longer.  In Texas, though, Obama has an appreciable lead that could end up being the story of the day tomorrow.

3 Responses to “Hillary Wins Rhode Island”

  1. Dynamic says:

    Texas is narrowing fast… I’m getting nervous. :/

  2. Dynamic says:

    Honestly, who is still voting for this woman, and WHY?

    It is obvious that she’s a sketchy candidate, she’s run a terrible campaign, she clearly lacks Obama’s energy and energizes the Repubs, she’s a terrible candidate in every way. How is she still getting votes?

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