I Knew Something Was Missing!

On the surface, this presidential election seemed to have everything; scandal, slime, wall to wall 24/7 coverage, people blowing a sneeze up to an a-bomb, while a-bombs get reduced to a sneeze, plenty of media bias, he said/she said, politics of fear tactics, and 9/11.  Still, since Giuliani has left the race, I couldn’t help this nagging feeling that something very important was missing.

Thanks to John McCain for re-injecting this missing piece.

Of course, how could I have missed it?  What was missing was the assertion that if you don’t vote for the Republican candidate, al Qaeda’s going to go apeshit.  I mean, Rudy might have said this a couple million times, but after a while all I was hearing was, “9/11 9/11…  9/11?   9/11 9/11 9/11.”

But with Rudy gone, it’s up to John McCain to kick the politics of fear into overdrive, and boy does he not disappoint.  According to John McCain, the terrorists are paying attention to our election, and they must have a vested interest in McCain losing because they plan on exerting their influence to engineer his loss.

But how they plan on doing this absolutely floors me.  Get this, al Qaeda’s going to up the violence in Iraq for the sole purpose of getting Americans to vote against John McCain.  That’s how they’re going to do it.

Talk about hedging one’s bets; if this bit of rhetorical drivel is allowed any kind of running room at all, McCain’s setting it up such that if the violence goes down around election time, he gets to take credit for being on the right side of things.  If it goes up, it’s not because our policies in Iraq have been a failure, it’s because the terrorists are running scared from McCain and trying to get a Democrat in the White House.

Ah…  John… thy arrogance knows no bounds.

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  1. Yep – was waiting for this as well. But Hillary has been playing a similar game for a while already. The Mac and HillBillary show will be about politicking of the past. Mac will try to spin somehow that Al-Qaeda cares about who will be in charge. And Hillary plays a similar card by saying that Obama isn’t a Commander-in-Chief. I tried to look into this a bit more by looking at an old Oasis song – Don’t look back in anger. And judging the Mac and HillBillary Show based on the words of the song. Is it okay to leave a link to the blog? If not – let me know and if not then I won’t do it in future. http://angryafrican.wordpress.com/2008/03/06/dont-look-back-in-anger-a-cover-by-the-mac-and-hillary-show/


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