It depends on what the definition of “landing under sniper fire” is

More of what we have to look forward to…?

The Clinton campaign says Senator Hillary Clinton may have “misspoke” recently when she said she had to evade sniper fire when she was visiting Bosnia in 1996 as first lady.

12 Responses to “It depends on what the definition of “landing under sniper fire” is”

  1. tas says:

    I suppose Hillary “misspoke” when she said that she was against NAFTA, but couldn’t speak out against it because she was a member of her husband’s administration. And then her schedules were released and it turned out she wasn’t. Oops.

    None dare call them lies.

  2. They aren’t lies…


    They aren’t.

  3. Mark says:

    Come on! Hillary is not that stupid. She also has at readiness in her quill the following retort as well: It depends on what your definition of “misspoke” is.

  4. I am sorry Mark but the difference between misspoke and bullshit is roughly 145 lbs. and wearing a canary yellow pants suit.

  5. kberly7568 says:

    check out Hillary’s actual comments here.

  6. loulor says:

    Obama has probably faced more uncertainty, and I suppose you could even find a bit of danger, on a single day in the streets of Chicago organizing neighborhoods than Billary has in her entire lifetime. Her Bosnia “misspoke” where I come from (Wisconsin) would be considered a lie — a cheap attempt to pad her resume. Too bad she’s made this “experience” thing such an issue in the campaign. It is, and always has been, a highly overrated factor in considering leadership potential.

    I would point out that Obama is seeking the nomination as a U.S. senator from Illinois.

    By way of comparison, I would also note that Lincoln served a single two-year term in the House of Representatives, and lost in his bid for the Senate in 1858. He turned out to be out greatest president.

  7. Loulor, there’s pretty much not a thing I disagree with there. There were several core problems with her experience meme from the beginning; this is a change election year, she needed to be able to back up the claims, and she had to go up against John McCain who has a stronger claim to experience. This is just an example of one of those claims falling apart.

    kberly. That video was AWESOME!

    absolutely awesome. I literally almost crapped my pants from laughing so hard.

  8. carmela parisi says:

    Hillary Rodham Clinton go home!!!!
    the only possibility of seeing you and your “false smiiiiiile” on tv for four years makes me “cringe”.

  9. alan1111 says:

    first let me get this off my chest:
    now, you know the old saying if it walks like a duck?
    well, this candidate just sat on one……….
    this is yet more of her “35 years experience” we have heard in this never ending pre-election sage that has gone on now what, for the last 5-10 years of her?????/
    lets re-cap that “experience” for a sec…..6 years in the senate, 2 bills with her name on them, [i get more visa’s than that per month], 8 years in white house, no security clearence…no meetings [no tickee no listen, soreee] that leaves planing menus for state dinners and starting in March picking a theme for xmas. I guess thats what the phone calls at 3am where for, tinsel or garland on the trees, decisions, decisions, what to do what to do…..8 years first lady of Arkansas you know that place down south someplace, same duties as above only younger southern belles to chase off with sticks.
    That adds up to 22 years throw in law school, college and screwing around [can’t forget helping gag Nixon] and i guess we have the magical 35 years.
    I’m sure impressed how about you all…….
    she lied she lied she lied she lied, its as simple as that, it was no brain fart, nor exhaustion or whatever other spin they put out there to hear. SHE LIED.
    One last thing before i forget, well maybe two, isn’t it interesting that HOURS after it was found the a certain persons passport file had been looked into, yet anothers appeared to have been peaked into as well. then lo and behold after a little more time passed it appeared as if yet another file had been peaked at as well. How well they have mastered the “spin” to put out a fire by pouring on more gasoline.
    my last point is this….
    Everybody shuddered and giggled with unabashed glee when the breakings news broke the airways “Clinton archives relleasing papers” after long wait. How the pundits all scrambled looking for dirt with their tounges dragging the floor hoping to find tell tale stains on some pages perhaps matching a dress.
    Big whooooop i say to the release. They were in office for 8 years.
    8 years = 365 days= 2920 days, they released 11,000 pages of papers.
    that comes to .265454545454545454545454545 get pages per day for every day she was there. so somebody please tell me, what exactly what was released?
    oh by the way, SHE LIED.

  10. Wow, Alan… tell us how you really feel.

    You know, I’ve kinda resented the experience argument from the beginning, and further, thought it was a silly argument considering that McCain’s older than Moses.

    And you know, here’s what really gets me. I’ve suffered from sleep depravation an awful lot in my life, and I’ll probably repeat this tomorrow, but as I’ve said I’ve suffered from sleep depravation an awful lot in life. Kind of goes with being in the Navy I guess. Now through sleep depravation I’ve lost some motor control, and I’ve actually hallucinated. But I don’t ever recall remembering the past differently.

    That just strikes me as odd.

    Hmmm… I just came up with a pet project for myself; researching sleep depravation symptoms.

  11. Deborah Wilkinson says:

    I tend to agree with you Alan, I too am fed up with the experience arguement, I finally grew weary of fighting my husband over Hillary’s virtues and concluded I would just sit back and hold my tongue and watch her hang herself, and low and behold, she proved me right. In my opinion Hillary has quite a bit of experience…. in lying and in covering Bill’s lies. She would be a horrible leader ~ just like Bill was.
    It sickened me for my young children to ask what oral sex was after hearing it on the news every night at 6pm after I had invested a fortune in private Christian school and all of their prior years trying to shelter them from that kind of mature content Bill brought that into our home and it was forced down our throats.


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