John McCain Of The Telecom Lobbyists

John McCain and Barack Obama are rhetorically similar in at least one aspect; they both campaign heavily on a platform that is opposed to giving too much power to special interests and lobbyists.  The problem with McCain is that he consistently fails to stand up to his rhetoric on this issue.

We’ve detailed the ties that McCain has with lobbyists on several occasions here, but given that the mainstream media insists on giving McCain a pass, it doesn’t hurt to revisit this truth every once in a while.  Interestingly enough, as USA Today reports, not only is McCain very much tied to lobbyists, having close to seventy high level officials of his campaign who actually are, a third of those are lobbyists for telecoms.

This is made more significant given the fact that a long, drawn out battle over FISA is currently being waged in congress.  Just recently the House passed a bill that does not grant telecoms retroactive immunity, but this version of the bill differs from the senate version which does, thus creating a ping-pong dynamic where the bill could potentially be batted back and forth between houses until someone breaks.

There’s no telling how long this fight could go on at the moment.  But should it make it to the President’s desk, the fate of telecommunication companies will reside firmly on who wields the veto pen.  We know that if this fight ends within the next three hundred days, then any bill that does not grant retroactive immunity will be vetoed. 

But what happens after January 20th of next year?  Should a Democrat win the White House retroactive immunity is not likely to see the light of day.

So, looking at who is running McCain’s campaign is a big deal.  While no one wants to claim that there is untoward conduct coming from McCain and his telecom lobbyist buddies, one can hardly ignore the fact that McCain would also veto any bill without retroactive immunity.

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