Ken Starr He Is Not

The rules according to Clinton.

-Hillary gets to throw everything including the kitchen sink at Obama and must be applauded for being a fighter.

-Obama is not allowed to attack Clinton ever and if he does he is nothing more than a Right Wing Talking Point recycler.

Got it?

These rules inform yet another practice in banality and absurdity courtesy the Clinton campaign.  This time, they are claiming that Barack Obama is using Ken Starr tactics against Hillary in order to, get this, prod Clinton into releasing her tax returns.

I’m sorry, but this does not qualify as a Ken Starr tactic.  Now, if Obama wanted to dig up some sex scandal on the Clintons, prosecute it before the entire nation, and offer up his report for sale not to exclude all the raunchy details that would be a Ken Starr tactic.

This is hardly that.  In fact, you want to know whose tactic this might be named after?  If you guessed Hillary Clinton you win a prize!

Methinks the lady doth protest too much. Especially after it was Hillary who made “Mr. Lazio, release those tax returns” a key part of her 2000 Senate campaign against Republican Rick Lazio. Back then Hillary said it was “frankly disturbing” that a candidate would waffle over when they were going to release their returns. But now that she’s the one waffling, saying she may release them “around” April 15 (if we’re lucky), suddenly it’s the Spanish Inquisition to expect her to be true to her previous word. (Obama released his returns a year ago.)

Frankly, I’m disturbed that Senator Clinton is frankly disturbed over her own refusal to produce her tax returns.

As for her promise to reveal her tax returns “around” April 15th, keep a close eye on whether she qualifies April 23rd as being “around”.  You know, because the Pennsylvania primary is “around” April 22nd.

3 Responses to “Ken Starr He Is Not”

  1. CaliGram says:

    Hillary displays her self-centered arrogance that “rules” are only honored if she benefits. She claims she was co-President during Bill’s eight years in the W/H. She proved how she punishes those who dared rile her, using revenge as a weapon. Power in the hands of the wrong people can create pain and suffering. Will the Clintons release the documents of her years in the White House? Will they take a lie detector test to guarantee that no documents were removed? Sandy Berger had access to highly classified terrorism documents at the National Archives. Failure to follow the extremely strict security guidelines was a bonus for Berger. He was eventually accused of stealing documents, but claimed that he had only borrowed a few copies to study, which he later returned. At his trial, the DOJ let Berger off on a misdemeanor charge and surrender of his license. He should have been required to submit to a lie detector test. It was later discovered that the top- secret original documentation from the National Security Council, with hand-written notes(no inventory, copies existed) covering the Clinton Administration handling of the terrorism threats were MISSING from the National Archives. The 9/11 Commission report was a waste of time and money, due to incomplete data. We will never know the full truth about how 9/11could have/should have been prevented. Guess whom Hillary has picked to be on her National Security Team? Give that man a cigar! It’s Sandy Berger.

  2. No shit?

    She’s picking Sandy?


  3. This is what happens when we turn on the anit-Clinton machine… this is a load of crap. There is no evidence Berger will be named anything but it came from one of these wing-nut scandal rags

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