Mini Super Tuesday Update: Everything Narrowing But Vermont

It’s not a very fun night if you’re an Obama supporter, though there are some silver linings developing in the chaos.

Right now all the states are narrowing except Vermont where Obama’s lead continues to grow.  There at seventy-five percent reporting Obama has broken sixty-percent.  Granted Vermont has already been called for him, but we’re looking at percentages now for the delegate math which will flood the wires for much of the day tomorrow.

Rhode Island, though, which has already been called for Hillary, has narrowed in its gap but not much to a nineteen point advantage for Clinton.

But no one’s paying much attention to those states, are they?

In Ohio it was looking like Clinton’s lead was narrowing, but it’s back on the uptick at about 16 points in her favor.  I shall name my first ulcer, “Ohio”.

My second ulcer shall be named, “Texas” where Obama and Clinton are now both at 49% with over 20% reporting.

5 Responses to “Mini Super Tuesday Update: Everything Narrowing But Vermont”

  1. Dynamic says:

    Some good news – CNN reporter just said that the rural counties are mostly in, what’s left is the urban counties, and that is good news for us.

    *crosses fingers*

  2. Well… Ohio is officially lost.

  3. Dynamic says:

    But I don’t think we ever really expected to get Ohio. She may call it a “comeback,” but we all know that she’s been ahead most of the contest there.

  4. Yeah. Tomorrow is going to have to be unspinning the Clinton spin tomorrow.

  5. Bostondreams says:

    A rough night all around. Let the crowing of the Clintonites begin. How long until they start calling for Obama to drop from the race?

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