Murtha Backs Hillary

Rep. John Murtha, a veteran and sometimes caustic opponent of the Iraq war has become something of a hero within the party, showing backbone in an ongoing battle with the White House that too few fellow Democrats soemtimes show, has decided to endorse Hillary Clinton.

This is, of course, good news for Hillary who is still slated to take Pennsylvania by storm.  Murtha’s nod only helps her there I would imagine.  Though by how much I can’t say; it doesn’t appear that any endorsement has really had much of an impact this season beyond a few days’ good press, but we’ll see.

Further, I don’t guess too much at the timing of this announcement.  Obama owned the news cycle yesterday, will probably own much of it today, and he’s got several other big speeches planned this week that are sure to get some scrutiny.  I’ve little doubt that Murtha’s endorsement last night was intended to blunt at least some of the attention Obama has been getting.

But it’s a good get for Clinton, and should stengthen her hold on a state she should win by double digits anyway.

5 Responses to “Murtha Backs Hillary”

  1. terry says:

    I was going to comment but rawdawg said it all 🙂

  2. I know… I know… I’m trying not to get into the Clintonista template on this one. She got his nomination, good for her…


  3. Cernig says:

    I’m very sceptical of Murtha. He talks big anti-war stuff, but his own amendments always seem to come up when there’s an official amendment on the table that would walk back some of Bush’s excesses – and then his competing amendment sinks both. I find it difficult to trust a man who says he’s anti-war, keeps torpedoeing amendments, and gets more funding/sends more pork to defense contractors than any other politician of either party.

    Regards, C

  4. Dynamic says:

    Murtha strikes me as a very Clinton-style Democrat… I can’t imagine someone as cozy with lobbyists as him signing on with Obama. I doubt his vote could have gone any other way.

    And after yesterday’s speech, I can’t imagine there won’t be some super delegates swinging over to Obama in the next couple of days.

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