Obama Wins Vermont. Plus: Exit Polling Goodness

The polls have just closed in Vermont, and already most news outlets are calling it for Obama.  Of course, you know what this points to…

There’s only one way that a race gets projected this early–exit polls are so heavily in favor of one candidate over another that it’s a safe call.  Of course Vermont was never really in question today.

Josh Marshall has some second wave exit polls for the rest of the group, and interestingly enough, Obama is dead even with Clinton thus far.  Of course, I would be remiss in reporting on this without also adding the disclaimer that exit polls are in no way definitive, and in truth having Obama dead even at this point with Clinton is not necessarily the best of situations.

Remember that Clinton still performs better amongst the blue collar voters which will for the most part be in the final wave of voters heading to the polls.

As a result, this whole business still has the potential to go South quickly, but so far so good.

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