Obama Wins Wyoming

For some reason, reporting stopped for quite some time after a decent amount of chugging along with the Wyoming caucuses, but at over 90% reporting, CNN finally feels comfortable calling it for Obama.

It is likely that the gap at 100% will be enough to net Obama 2 gross delegates, but he will not likely reach the magic 63% that could gain for him 4.

While the delegate count in Wyoming is relatively small, this continues to deepen, though in a small order, the mathematical problems facing Hillary Clinton.

The major pre-Pennsylvania contest takes place on Tuesday when Mississippi’s 30+ delegates are up for grabs. Still, this is only about half of the prize available in six weeks.

Obama is also expected to win on Tuesday.

UPDATE: CNN has Obama netting 3 delegates so far.  There is still 4% to report and one delegate up for grabs, but the general situation is this: he did what he needed to do tonight.

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