On Delusion and Death Throes

I know we banished No Quarter from our site yesterday but Jesus H. Flippin’ Christ, I cannot seem to turn my head away from the train wreck that is their logic.

First off, I will not give them a link. If you want to read the post I am about to discuss find your own way to No Quarter and look at the post by SusanUnPC entitled, Last Round: Rendell…

After feigning indignation at the fact that Obama allegedly phoned long-time Clinton backer Governor Ed Rendell to discuss a legitimate fear – namely the destruction of the Democratic Party via the Pennsylvania primary – the following comment can be found as the first of 200+ similar whines from co-blogger truthteller2007.

what insufferable presumption; what wanton impropriety; what complete and utter audacity; what vulgarity: barack obama feels entitled to the nomination, and he believes he can intimidate governor ed rendell. we shall never capitulate to obama, who we will derail.

This is the crux of the problem with the Hillary Clinton campaign and its supporters — delusion. It has been nearly two months since Hillary had any path to the nomination yet these people can’t see it. Not only that, they are such good soldiers that they are convinced they need to take out anyone in their way even as they wheeze out their final dying breath (a good quality in a real soldier, just annoying when possessed by political hacks).

I don’t know how else to say it so I will let Newsweek’s Jonathan Alter do it for me. You can either watch the entire five minute segment below or simply fast forward to 4:43 (or -0:57 depending on whether you are counting up or down) and listen intently.


Oh by the way, nice admission by Jonathan Alter eh?

10 Responses to “On Delusion and Death Throes”

  1. Cee says:


    I’ve been a visitor to NQ for a while. Larry doesn’t call it NQ for nothing. LOL!!
    Lawd. I posted two YouTube clips to try to bring them back into orbit.
    One is Rendell saying that Obama can win PA. The other is Onorato saying the same thing.
    I don’t agree with Ed or Dan for not supporting my candidate but I haven’t started to hate them because of it. Clinton supporters are taking this waaaaaaay too personally.
    Don’t give up on Larry. Obama will be the nominee and things can get back to normal there.

  2. I hope you are right Cee. Thanks for being the one to keep the faith.

  3. Kevin K. says:

    Just got back from a rock n’ roll show in the big city, saw your post, checked out NoQ and saw Larry’s post:

    The “Wrong Nigga to Fuck Wit” Dilemma for Barack

    Good christ, what a racist douchebag.

    And cee, you bring up a very good point that doesn’t get brought up enough. I don’t hate Rendell (I quite like the guy), Evan Bayh, Chuck Schumer or any other of her politician supporters. The only one I have any contempt for is Ferraro. The reflexive hatred you see from Hillary supporters towards Kennedy, Richardson, Dodd, Kerry, etc. is pretty stunning, though.

  4. Cee says:


    Please tell me that the post at NQ wasn’t correct!! I’m going to have to roll over there.

    I keep asking them who they’ll turn to when this is over. Crickets.

    They hate even hate Olbermann and Thom Hartmann now. Let add that I suspect that much of the vitriol has been fueled by people pretending to be progressives and Democrats.

  5. Kevin K. says:

    Thom Hartmann?!? I haven’t seen that one yet. Too funny. Did they think his recent trip to Sudan was some coded endorsement of Obama since he’s African? The stupid, it burns.

    Olbermann, of course, has become their #1 bogeyman, which is pretty hilarious if you look at SusanUnPC’s old Kos diaries (when she was posting as susanhu), which were pretty much 24/7 Olbermann love fests before she started suffering from ODS.

  6. It is an ever shrinking sphere or allies they have.

  7. Kevin K. says:

    I think I’m going to write my first Daily Kos diary. The title will be “Take Your Melanin and Go Home.” The title’s a twist on Melissa McEwan’s “Take Your Boobs and Go Home” Shakesville post, which was crossposted on No Quarter. It’ll feature Larry’s Ice Cube post and the “another fine video artist” post tas and I spotlighted. And unlike Melissa, I won’t need a crowbar and a magnifying glass to weed out intent either.

  8. Cee says:


    Had he gone to Kenya they would have said he was cavorting with Obama’s terrorist cousin.
    The comments against Hartmann were made a while back by some blog refugees who washed ashore at NQ.


    Being in an echo chamber with people who suddenly are alligned with Richard Mellon Scaife is a frightening thing.

    Some of those folks are just playing the game. Others are bankrupt.

    Speaking of that….warn PA businesses that Hillary will leave them holding an empty wallet.


  9. tas says:

    So can Larry make “wrong nigga to fuck wit” posts and still have his bloggers, and the rest of the Clintonistas at large, complain that Obama is injecting race into the campaign everytime he’s forced to respond to racist charges?

    And that’s been the cycle of things this campaign. Drudge posts a photo of Obama in African garb — EVERYONE and their motherknows what’s being implied and the Obama campaign says such. Then the Clinton camp wastes time time accusing Obama of race-baiting. And when Hillary’s husband says that only blacks win in South Carolina, or when Gerry Ferraro says that Obama only got where he is because he’s black, somehow, in their eyes, still Obama who’s the sole factor of injecting race into this campaign. All the hypocrisy kinda makes me wanna go kooky.

  10. Dumass says:

    Not for posting, FYI only, it is “throes”

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