Ping-Pong With FISA

House Dems really need to cut this out; I get all kinds of gooey every time they act as though the have some sort of temerity.

Draft up a FISA compromise without retroactive immunity?

Take me, I’m yours.

Of course, you have to get me there first.  All things considered, I will forever remain a skeptic until something is passed into law, or Bush has been forced to wield his veto pen into surrender.

So, while I realize that this drafted compromise sounds pretty good, and much better than what we’ve seen for a while, I also realize that we’re already tucked in for a long, hard slog.  It’s definitely not time for me to break out the special underwear and candles yet.

There’s definitely room to daydream and fantasize, though.  Of course, there’s the retroactive immunity, always a big seducer–just a flash of retroactive immunity’s eyes, and I’m ripping my clothes off.  Another key provision is no reverse targeting–spying on foreign targets to collect information on US citizens.

And of course keeping FISA in the loop is as good as a fancy restaurant to me.

But there’s no reason to believe all of this is going to just start falling into our laps; it hasn’t yet.

The biggest and most obvious obstacle between us and our deepest FISA desires is Bush; the green chunk of food stuck between FISA’s teeth.  No matter what Congressional Dems decide to do, they’re going to be met with a nice VETO like a kiss on the cheek and a rushed, “I had a great time tonight”.

Tragically, veto’s as good as a sealed deal these days thanks to Republicans who are making political points as often as they can, Democrats who are too easily frightened off the reservation, and other Democrats who simply don’t have what we mammals like to call spines.

Yes, vertebrae may separate us from lesser members of the Animal Kingdom, but alas, the House and the Senate are inhabited by invertebrates.

Next up, like garlic breath or extremely inopportune (and nausea inducing) gas comes the potential troubles that may stem from what Nancy Pelosi is calling the ping pong ploy.

Thing is, the Senate had a much less toothful version of the bill, and it’s unlikely that they’re going to read the House version and all of a sudden think, ‘Man, we screwed up.  Sorry about that.  Here, let us toss out our crappy version and go with yours’.

No, we’re not talking fantasies here, we’re talking the real thing, which means this bill has yet to go back and forth between the House and the Senate, during which this stronger bill may also lose its teeth.

Then there’s Senator Jay Rockafeller–the joke that might be too offensive, but you’re date’s a little too polite to let you know you just made an ass of yourself.  Rockafeller apparently won’t sign off on the bill for reasons not yet made clear.

So we’re left wondering if the joke about the nun and the bicycle was actually funny, or just guaranteed us a life of celibacy for the near future.

Worst case scenario is the retroactive immunity situation.  Best case scenario is that he just feels hurt not being included in the process.  We’ll have to see.

In any case, the games continue.  Hopefully things go well because I have to tell you; I’m ready for this dry spell to end.

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