Please, Grow Up

I’ve got a general request to the rest of my liberal/progressive compatriots out there; can we please grow up a little?

It may seem like a harsh request, and I can understand some folks getting a little riled up over it, but I think it’s all for the best.  These are, to say the least, interesting times we live in, and emotions run high among many when it comes to members of the Bush administration.

Indeed, many names from the current administration have become synonymous with criminal level incompetence and outright corruption that it is difficult not to project an emotional response for those of us who deeply feel that this White House drove our country in the wrong direction with the pedal to the metal.  But still, we must try to control ourselves.

And of these names with which the left has nothing but scorn, perhaps the worst besides he who has presided over this country for the past seven years is none other than Karl Rove.  The “Architect”, “Bush’s Brain”, the man who elevated attack politics to high art has like no other the ability to bring out the worst in ourselves.

This was proven true today when he met an unruly audience at a University of Iowa speaking engagement for which he was paid $40,000.  Students insulted him, and some had to be taken away by the police, all of this following a mock trial held before the actual event.

It reminds me of another famous face of movement conservatism, one that is associated with some of the most disgusting statements and “jokes” in modern debate.  When she arrived for a similar speaking engagement at the University of Arizona, she was met, literally, with custard cream pies as they were thrown at her face.  While I can’t find an exact sum, I’m pretty sure that this columnist was paid rather handsomely for her appearance as well.

Here’s the point.  First, in no way was the audience for Rove as bad as the two men who threw pies at Coulter’s face, but in neither case was much of a positive difference made.  The speaker in Arizona eventually washed her face and hair, cashed her check, and moved on with her life.  Same as Karl Rove.  It didn’t matter much that some college students berated him; he had a nice big check that he picked up for doing really nothing at all.

When both of these people went to sleep the night after their appearances, they slept well, sleep that was likely made heavier and more refreshing knowing they made more money in a few hours than many Americans make in a year.  Even better, they were equipped with fresh new ammo for the next day’s work.

Conservative talking heads make their daily bread by portraying liberals and progressives as insane moonbats divorced from reality and completely unaware of civilized behavior.  Of course this isn’t true.  Sure, there are loonies among the left, but there are loonies located within any ideology.  But that’s not what matters.

What matters is pie throwing in Arizona and badgering in Iowa only helps their case.  When we lose control of our emotions in our behavior we all of a sudden become Daffy Duck to their Bugs Bunny and the next day the entire liberal movement is made to look like a bunch of crazies.

“They don’t know how to argue, so they throw pies,” or, “Crazy liberals, they can’t debate so all they do is hurl insults.”  Events such as these only lend credence to the unending screeds aimed at us.

And I understand.  For a moment it feels real good.  Yeah man!  We’re fighting back!  This will show them!  And if it actually did any bit of real good, I would be right there with you.  Problem is, it doesn’t.  As I said, they still collect their checks, and they go about being the impossible hot air machines they always were.

Trying to make a point by placing one of them under “citizen’s arrest” will not induce unto them a great epiphany.  Insulting them will not result in them saying, “Oh my God!  You are so right!  I’m terrible!  I’m a monster!”  And you’re not winning any new admirers by acting like children.

We’ve got to tighten up here.  You really want to take it to these people?  Act intelligent and know your facts.  You want to really put Rove on the spot?  Become a citizen journalist and ask him the hard questions.  Be respectful, but be firm and demand answers.  You’re doing your job if you have one of these people all of a sudden reverting back to, “no comment” to every question.

If done right, they should be spluttering nervously as Alan Colmes was able to do with the notable conservative who was pied in the face.

You want to get these people where they live?  Get smart, and get intelligent.  Represent the liberal/progressive community wisely and respectfully.  Volunteer for local candidates, or run yourself if you meet the requirements.  Help win elections, and help win the national debate with a calm, learned, and measured voice.

But please, please, please, no more of this amateur hour stuff.  It only feeds them.

3 Responses to “Please, Grow Up”

  1. lkm55 says:

    You don’t see right wing conservatives throwing pies at Bill Clinton when he’s paid $1,000,000.00 for a speech.

  2. No… no you don’t.


  3. Tom in PA says:

    I have been to these sorts of events. “Q&A” is entirely vetted, so nothing “out of left field” is ever asked.
    Are you saying polite silence is the best course of action for truth and justice? That is plainly a course set for failure and ignorance. I assert NO VOICES of real dissent will ever be heard unless it is voice with a spirit of civil disobedience, as these “unruly” students did. I think the student who asked for his $40,000 back should have been asking the same for every man, woman, and child’s investment in the NeoCon war of aggression in Iraq.

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