Religious Ally For McCain Reminds Us Of Third Termer Status

Despite everything, John McCain has earned quite a reputation for himself.  That reputation, at least for the time being, has proven to be a boon during the time of a highly contentious Democratic nomination process which is seeing more partisans of the two remaining candidates vowing to vote for the Republican nominee should their candidate fail to net the Democratic nomination.

This bitter pill is undoubtedly made easier to swallow for some based on McCain’s reputation as a Maverick, and even the tendency for some conservative talking heads to call him a “Liberal Republican”.  But make no bones about it, McCain essentially represents a third term of the Bush administration.

In many facets, from Bush’s disastrous foreign policy, to a nearly religious adherence to the over simplified belief that cutting taxes will fix everything with the economy, McCain may look and sound a little different from our sitting president, but on paper, there’s not enough daylight to report about.

And yet, we are reminded of the similarities between the two men also through where they reap some of their support.  We’ve all seen McCain’s reluctance to fully run away from Hagee, the religious leader who viciously attacked the Catholic church.  True, McCain may have denounced or rejected Hagee’s anti-Catholic statements, but it would seem he learned his lesson from the first time he tried to attack prominent leaders of the religious community; don’t do it.

Indeed, he’s learned his lesson so well that he’s now embracing them.  This time, the Christian leader in question is Ohio based megachurch leader, Rod Parsley.  As David Corn reports, Parsley’s no mild mannered shepherd, and has actively called for an all out crusade of Islam, seeking a destruction of the faith.

All this does is remind us that while McCain may not employ messianic language nearly as much as President Bush is known to do from time to time, he’s still batting for the same team.

Further, one hopes that McCain does not agree with Parsley’s opinions regarding the Islamic faith for a few reasons.  For one, there are many Americans that happen to be Muslims, and last I checked this election was for the United States of America, not the Christian United States of America.  Also, geopolitical dynamics being what they are, the last thing we need is a head of state who would so willingly accept the endorsement of someone whose ideas are an affront to a large population of the planet with whom we must learn to coexist.

Still, I’m not going to hold my breath to wait for McCain to denounce Parsley’s anti-Islamic sentiments the way he denounced Hagee’s comments no matter how lame that denunciation eventually ended up being.

Fact of the matter is, on top of conservative Christians being a vital part of the Republican base, anti-Islamic thought is also important.

There are far too many people who equate Islam with evil, and worse yet, think that that attitude will actually help our situation with a tumultuous Middle East.

The very first step we must take in rectifying our stature in the Muslim world is to rid ourselves of this grossly anti-Islamic culture that continues to fester among our number.  We will never find success and ultimately peace there if we continue to treat all of the Muslim world’s peoples as though they are evil and the enemy.

This is particularly telling of McCain’s adequacy to run our nation’s foreign policy for, if he truly understood what was going on, he would know this, and further know better than to tolerate the kind of hateful and harmful ideas that those such as Parsley promote.  Instead of advocating a policy of understanding, however; he is sacrificing that on behalf of political expediency.

I continue to believe that at the heart of things, McCain is a good man.  That does not mean, though, that he is right, nor that he is above selling off principle for political gain.  Unfortunately, he’s selling those principles to the exact wrong people if he wants to be the kind of president we need at this particular juncture in our nature’s history.

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