Remembering The Enemy

So yesterday, Libby over at the Newshoggers had made an impassioned plea for we liberals to stop the madness regarding the Democratic primary.  Let’s all go after McCain instead.

To a degree I have already been working on this.  I have been trying to calm down on some of my harsher criticism of Clinton, and I have most definitely been trying to up the ante on McCain. 

In the end I can’t promise I will be totally hands off when it comes to Clinton.  Even should she become the nominee I don’t know that I could.  While I admit to being far more favorable towards Obama, believe it or not you will find me being critical of him as well from time to time.  And that’s the candidate I actually believe in.  So, no, Hillary Clinton doesn’t get a free pass from me.

But we can be critical without being damaging.  We can make impassioned arguments against without putting ourselves off balance should we find ourselves later arguing for.  So, let me be clear.  I do not like Hillary Clinton, and I do not trust her.  I think she has the capabilities to be a good president, but not a great president.  And I know for a fact that this country will divide itself even further under her administration.  On the other hand, what Clinton offers is by wide and far much better than what John McCain offers.  He offers a third war while we continue to wage the first two indefinitely.  He offers a worse adherence to the neoconservative ideology than the current disastrous president, and he is seemingly almost proud to know nothing of the economy that is tanking right now.

I am not so silly to think that any president can wreck or save a country in one or two terms, but McCain would end up doing far more damage than the seemingly doped-up media is capable of pointing out.

On top of this, there is another enemy in our midst; a right wing media that will go after either candidate we nominate with joyous blood-lust.  We’ve seen it already, we see it in the way FNC continues to try and stir up racial issues, and the attack ads by right wing talking heads to whom an adult and nuanced argument is the scariest thing in the world.

I still think Obama is best suited to take that fight head on, and will continue to make that case.  But on the off chance that Hillary Clinton becomes the nominee, I will at least do her this courtesy.  When I criticize her, it will be as honest as I can be, and I will, when I can, offer alternatives.  I will take what has been harsh rejection, and at least try to turn it into constructive criticism.

That’s about the best I can do.

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  1. Americanecon says:

    Kyle, bro, work on the active/passive voice thing a bit, will ya? You’re killing me!

    Almost as bad as Ms. Libby’s boring – no pathetic – handwringing. You poor, poor Democrats. McCain’s gonna put you up on his knee for a little spanking unless you get your act together.

    Now banish those Wright sermons once and for all, yo!

    Denver, we’ve got a problem!

  2. I’m sorry, you know? I usually come down on one side or another. This whole nuanced thing gets me. I don’t like Hillary, don’t want her to be the nominee, but it’s that whole, “Thou shalt not harm thy fellow Democrats”, or it would be if Reagan were a Democrat, but alas, that’s not the case.

    As for Wright, I ain’t worried about. I’m really not. I mean, yeah we got some problems facing Denver, but McCain’s not the greatest thing since sliced bread, even if he was around when it was invented. “More wars, less jobs, that’s a message you can rally the country around,” so sayeth Joe Scarborough.

    So goes the core of McCain’s message, what bits of it you can believe anyhow. He’s so against special interests and lobbyists, for instance, that he’s the one they give the most money to, and the one where the most lobbyists have active roles in his campaign. Blatant misunderstanding of the geopolitical issues we face, and a self admitted lack of understanding of the economy.

    Oh dear me, no, don’t throw me in the briar patch.

  3. Bostondreams says:

    Interestingly, McCain suspended an aide who was involved with that new video linking Obama to ‘angry black men.’ Taylor Marsh linked to the video with glee. These are the supporters of Hillary Clinton.

  4. Cernig says:

    Ignore Americanneocon, Kyle – he’s a serial troll with a fetish for Libby. I think he needs therapy.

    Regards, C

  5. Meh…

    As Matt will tell ya, I’ll always feed a troll once.

  6. alan1111 says:


    Dick Blossom Baby returned from his travels spreading good will and cheer throughout the Middle East, as is his custom around this time each year. All of the countries he visits have long-standing traditions in place to ensure that he is never disappointed. Knowing that he is but a mere humble spokesperson representing his president whom he worships and adores there is a request that will not be granted, within reason of course.
    Rumors have it, he finds soaking in the perpetual sparkling flowing fountains located in his favorite respite hide-away places only the rich and famous can attend, such as Jerusalem, Golan Heights and of course floating upon the Dead Sea.
    He is often quoted as saying after these relaxing soaking trips that he feels as though his “batteries have been recharged” and that “walking in JC’s footsteps really kinds of gets to him.”
    Always on the move, he delighted the people in neighboring Palestine where they greeted him as usual with throngs of well-wishers who that were so over come with good tidings for him; in some places, the crowds were so overjoyed, at times they had to be moved and restrained behind chain link fences.
    After constantly badgering his annoying keepers, they finally allowed him to go mingle amidst some of the shopkeepers in an outdoor market that had reminded him of one he had just yesterday walked thru unaccompanied in Bagdad and wanted to purchase some souvenirs. He was especially interested in those vests that all the young people seemed to be wearing in all of the countries he had been visiting, certain that all he brought them to would be delighted at their uniqueness.
    Delighted over this outpouring of adoration he had one of his faithful dedicated freshly castrated Nubian associates contact the King of Arabia to postpone his arrivals there telling his aid ever so politely to “make up some fucking excuse or the other.” His new associate never having heard of such a thing, simply following instructions, called and left the message, verbatim.
    Not daunted by such trivial things as schedules, Dick Blossom Baby left the confines of his security detail, bulletproof vehicles and even his “every ready battery charged defibrillator” behind to walk the streets of the Gaza Strip in search for a quiet Bistro to have luch with his friends.
    The display of rockets bursting in the air over his head almost brought tears to his eyes that they had gone to all of this trouble just for him. Just the sight of the children and mothers running and screaming as they ran in his direction with open arms, really gave his heart that extra boost he so often needed.
    The numbers of people shared tearful joyful goodbyes at the airport where yet again he was surprised in attendance. How he wished yet again he could read the language, the signs they were waving were so colorful and numerous, he just knew they had the kindest of messages. Atop the steps of Air Force Two he turned to wave his final good-bye when he saw what these wonderful people had done as a parting gesture his composure finally cracked and a tear fell down his check.
    In the twilight that was now falling, all of the terrific people had taken off their outer jackets in this chill night air, laying them on the ground to spell out a farewell message just for him. He thought again about not being able to read what it said as he ducked and went into the plane then the door closed behind him and he forgot all about the message.
    Had he bothered to look out of any the many windows, the message written very precisely so he would understand, it simply said:

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