Richardson Endorsement Open Thread

So here’s the situation, Bill Richardson’s supposed to endorse Obama within the hour now, and I’m not going to be able to watch it.  I may not be able to read up on his comments or watch some video until much later tonight.  So I’m going to ask you guys for help.  I’m going to leave this post as an open thread, and I would love to hear your reactions in comments below.  If someone can actually “liveblog” it, even BETTER!


2 Responses to “Richardson Endorsement Open Thread”

  1. Watching it now. It looks like quite a rally.

    Whew, he really nailed Clinton with the comment, “he could have given a safer speech, he is after all ahead in the delegate count for president.”

    He is making the the speech the pivotal reason for his endorsement.

  2. Never mind…. Full evening content tonight, what up?

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