Run Real Primaries in Michigan & Florida

Attempts by Hillary, Crist & Granholm to seat the delegates in Michigan and Florida without a full and fair primary is, in my view, undemocratic.  On the other hand, excluding the people of Florida and Michigan from having their rightful say in this historic and close primary also strikes me as undemocratic.

The solution is simple — rerun these primaries in June giving both Clinton and Obama a full and fair opportunity to campaign for the votes of Floridians and Michiganders.

This is the simple and right thing to do.

(ed: Thanks to our readers for pointing out the mistake of suggesting Christ would support Hillary.  We have no idea who Jesus would actually vote for, but I have a funny feeling that he would be a little to the left of all the candidates currently in the race.  -K)

2 Responses to “Run Real Primaries in Michigan & Florida”

  1. eRobin says:

    Wow, Christ is weighing in on Hillary’s side? At now we know who’d he vote for.

  2. bostondreams says:

    As eRobin implied, and I can tell you as a current resident of the Land of Flowers, Sunshine, and Gators, our governor, while sometimes trying to play the role, is in fact not CHRIST but CRIST. I actually like him overall, but Christ he aint! 🙂

    Oh, and check out this bit on the Rezco trial. Let’s let Clinton go ahead and push Rezco, see what happens:

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