Shaken, Not Stirred

I don’t intend to dwell much longer on the entire Obama/Wright fiasco much more.  I can’t, and I don’t think anyone else can, make a stronger argument than the man did himself.  It won’t work universally, and it may not work enough, but it’s the best of the moment.  So I’m about ready to move on.

But as a footnote, there is something that caught me as a little funny.

Obama has admitted that the entire Jeremiah Wright controversy has left him a little shaken up.  It is kind of amazing when you think about it; Jeremiah Wright was as close to a full on October Surprise as you can get without actually being in October.  It was the kind of controversy that, by virtue of magnitude, can sink politicians.

And he handled it with unmatched grace.

There are still a lot of questions about Obama.  Of course, I get that.  But one thing no one should be asking about anymore is his toughness.  He got shook up, and somehow used that to push himself and his campaign to a whole new level.  We should be so lucky to have a candidate of that caliber in the General Election.

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