Slow Day Tomorrow

Right, so sometimes I actually have things I have to do, and tomorrow’s going to be one of those days.  I’m not looking forward to it, but it is what it is.

For one, if I plan on driving my car at all next week, I’m going to have to visit the DMV tomorrow or else.  I’m not looking forward to it; I’ve discussed my feelings about the place at least once before here.  The moral of the story, kids, is don’t procrastinate.  Procrastination sucks, and if I didn’t procrastinate I could have taken care of all of this online and not even had to worry about stepping into the DMV’s unholy inner-sanctum, but this is my fate.

I go to face it with a stiff upper lip.

I also expect the office to be pretty busy tomorrow, so while I don’t expect much time to write in the morning, I also think tomorrow evening’s not going to be much better.

So my first priority will be to get the weekly blogroll call done as soon as I get twenty minutes in front of the internets that I can string together.  We got a new addition to make to our auspicious roster, but we also have something of a first since I started this weekly outreach-someone will be banished from our roll for the foreseeable future (shudder-gasp!  I wonder who it could be and why [anyone who’s been reading for the last day or so should be able to figure it out {hint: It might have something to do with unbridled support for a racist whack job, but I could be wrong}]).

But we’re not pulling an Atrios here, believe me; we still have a very open policy with our blogroll and you’re more than welcome to join in, just so long as you don’t, you know, start lifting leg ups to some pretty grossly racist people.  To get a jump on things, if you want to leave your URL in the comments and get us on your blogroll tonight, I’ll get you updated on ours and feature a post from your blog in the official roll call tomorrow.

If things are really looking ugly for me being able to blog, I’ll also see if I can’t get some open threads going and whatnot, you know, give you folks some thoughts to think about whilst I’m away.

Take care, be good to each other, and I hope to be back to normal on Monday.

One Response to “Slow Day Tomorrow”

  1. Dynamic says:

    Here’s a question for folks to consider whilst you take some needed time to yourself and your errands.

    I work at Spencer’s Gifts, a store that prides itself on being fairly humourous and “edgy.” We sell a shirt there that shows portrait shots Hillary and Obama side by side, seperated by the words “Bros before Hoes.”

    Full disclosure – I immediately purchased one even before we put them up for general sale on the floor, literally as soon as they came into our building. I thought (and think) they are hilarious.

    I’ve had uniformly positive responses to the shirt when I’ve worn it or when I’ve pointed one out at work; there was one case where an African-American family misinterpreted it, but a brief explanation and they were a bit shocked but quite amused (which is exactly what Spencer’s is going for – you should see our Hillary Nutcracker and our excellent selection of fart machines 😆 ). However, emails have begun flowing in from people who have a problem selling these tshirts, claiming they are both racist and sexist. Notably, these complaints have all (to the best of my knowledge) been internal to the company; although we’ve had one or two customers make snide remarks about Obama (a “black racist”) or Hillary (much worse terms), nobody has directed any serious vitriol at the shirt itself, or its slogan, in my store or when I’ve worn it (which is perhaps a bit too frequently 😆 ).

    The complainents have taken their stories right to the top and emailed the CEO of Spencer’s (which is the perogative of any Spencer’s employee, it’s a very well run company) and asked him to reconsider selling the t-shirts.

    My question is three-fold: do you folks feel that Spencer’s Gifts is crossing the line by selling that shirt; why or why not; and what do you feel that Spencer’s should do in regard to the shirt?


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