Snatching The Bloom Off The Rose

This is all to be expected.  Since cementing his role as the Democratic frontrunner, Obama has been under the gun and battling a barrage of withering attacks and news stories aimed at shoving skeletons into his closet.  Indeed, his hometown paper, the Chicago Sun-Times has been gunning for him back when he was still a distant second with no real shot of making a respectable go of it.

But even now, when there has been found to be so little fire to all that smoke, they’re still at it.

As Bill Kristol puts it in his column:

Obama supporters are allowed to have fun. And celebrities are entitled to headline fund-raisers. But one has the sense that elsewhere in this great land the bloom is coming off the Obama rose.

Kristol’s being a little coy here, though.  The bloom is not necessarily coming off the Obama rose so much as Kristol along with an army of other conservatives and Clintonistas are actively trying to rip it off in a fit of desperation.  For instance, let’s take the assertion that Obama lied about not being in attendance at the now infamous Jeremiah Wright sermon that has made its way through the internets via viral Youtube clips.

Obama said he wasn’t there, but Kristol says that a Newsmax journalist said he was.  The journalist in question said he saw Obama sitting there and nodding his head.  Here’s the problem,apparently Obama was in Miami on that day, hundreds of miles away from the spot where he would’ve had to have been in order to be sitting on a pew and nodding his head.

Indeed, at this point I’m wondering what people want from Obama regarding his former pastor, blood?  He repudiated all the remarks forcefully, did the cable news circuit, and the guy’s no longer a part of his campaign.  And this after already having denounced the remarks months ago when a few small voices were protesting but the bulk of the media was still in love with Obama.

Is the bloom coming off of the Obama rose?  I can’t speak on that as of yet, we’ve still got a long haul in this primary before anything definitive can be said.  But in the end, if that is the case, it’ll be because there were more than a few folks out there doing whatever they could to yank it off.  Even if that means lying their asses off.

4 Responses to “Snatching The Bloom Off The Rose”

  1. he is the teflon canidate LOL

  2. Not hardly, I wish he were, but a lot of this stuff is damaging him not because there’s a whole lot of validity to his claims, but because no one will let these stories die they way they should.

  3. tas says:

    My biggest fear at this point is, should Obama win the nomination (which despite his delegate lead, is still a huge “if”), all McCain has to do during the general election is play selected soundbites of Pastor Wright and hammer away at Obama’s connection to him. The strength of Obama’s electability comes from his ability to get the independent vote — the middle. But if he’s abe to be portaryed as the unpatriotic candidate by the right, then Obama’s cred with independent voters goes down the tubes. At that point, I seriously doubt he could win in the general election.

    And let’s face it, the right has had less to work with when impugning the patriotism of anyone on the left. They got a one-limbed Vietnam vet voted out of office by saying he supported terrorism, and there’s also the BS Swift Boat Vets against Kerry from 2004.

  4. You know, you’re sort of right, but at the same time, that’s no reason to pull him. Indeed, your evidence here is exactly the point; throwing up someone who seems to have unimpeachable patriotic credibility doesn’t work, not against Republicans, so why bother trying?

    Similar situation with Hillary Clinton too. One of her recent arguments has been that essentially she’s McCain lite, but that doesn’t work either.

    Republicans have essentially established a Deon Sanders defense at this point; if you’ll remember the last time the Niners won the Super Bowl, one of their key components was Deon Sanders-he effectively eliminated whichever receiver was the opposing team’s greatest weapon by virtue of simply covering him. Because so few teams really challenged him, few teams could put up a credible offense against him.

    Right now Republicans have Democrats afraid of drawing serious distinctions between our candidates and theirs. They have us capitulating because we’re afraid we’ll get pegged as too liberal, or soft on Terrorism, or any number of memes that prevent us from moving the debate to something we can actually win.

    So, yeah, Obama’s got Wright. Clinton’s got Ferraro, McCain’s got Hagee and Parsley. I say who cares? If we’re really lucky, this whole situation is going to flash out and be little more than a weak punch by the time we get to the General Election, but the big point is this.

    If we go into every fight afraid of getting hit, we’re never going to win any of them.

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