So Much For That Firewall

Last night I was talking with Matt and in that discussion I expressed my deepest wish at this moment; that should Hillary lose either of her “firewall” states of Texas and Ohio, she would drop out of the race.  At this point this has nothing to do with my feelings towards either candidate and everything to do with November.

There’s been some debate over the virtues of a prolonged primary battle.  One way of thinking has it that a drawn out battle will result in mass amounts of press coverage and interest in the Democratic party and will ultimately be good for whomever ends up being the Democratic nominee.

I’ll admit to the merit in this idea, however; I also think that these bonuses would far be outstripped by the negatives such a battle would provide.  For one, there is most assuredly to be even more negativity and more animosity developed between the two campaigns.  They will continue to wound each other in order to knock out their opponent and ultimately make the work of the Republican nominee all that much easier.  Also, there will be undoubtedly a continuation of the souring between supporters of both candidates which is potentially a bigger problem.  Embittered supporters of the loser of a nasty fight will not likely line up to support the other candidate.

And of course by not ending this primary early when it looks like we have a presumptive nominee, we are preventing that candidate from doing what John McCain is doing right now; taking a rest and focusing on his General Election opponents.

So at this point, I just want the process to be over.  I want time for the party to heal after what has been a tough and ugly contest, admittedly made more ugly by supporters than the candidates themselves.  I want to drive the attention away from the animosity between Obama and Clinton, and focus it to what the real tale of the tape is as Matt pointed out last night to me; that Democratic voters have been showing up Republican voters by 2-1 or more.

That is why I have been so hopeful regarding today’s primaries.  It is likely that Clinton will not win both Texas and Ohio, and even if she does, she will most definitely not receive the net delegate gains she needs to push her back into the race.  There had been some signalling that she may drop out if her self-described firewalls broke down.

In fact, I could live with either outcome.  If she lost in Texas or Ohio and then dropped out I would be fine, or if she won big and carried on letting the momentum of those states propell her to a late victory I would be okay with that too.

We could end the primary and start focusing on beating McCain.

But it looks as though my hopes are to be crushed as a Clinton aide has said that the campaign will continue on even if Clinton loses both states today.

I hope Matt was right about Hillary; that this is all talk just to get her supporters ginned up to pull off the buzzer beater. At the same time, we’ll know the results of the election tonight, but tomorrow will likely provide a true test for one or both of the candidates.

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