Something Light For A Saturday Night: **** Me I’m Irish!

That’s right. Bet ya didn’t know that did ya? I’m a good chunk Irish, and if I wasn’t such a family oriented type guy, I’d be going out and getting pissed tonight (I know, St. Patty’s day ain’t ’til Monday, but I bet there are more than a few good Irish bashes tonight), maybe have me a bit o’ the rough and tumble, but well…

Damn, I suck.

But that doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy us some good Irish music, now does it?

First up is one of my all time favorite songs and one that has actually been featured before on our Something Light series. But when I first featured “Scarborough Fair/Canticle”, it was the Simon and Garfunkle version. This version takes the song in a different direction that becomes a totally different entity. It misses the awesome harmonies of the S&G interpretation, but I think more than makes up with it with this young woman’s elegant voice and the power she puts behind it. This show that this performance comes from actually came to town once, but I missed it. Thank goodness for YouTube!

Next up is a song that is as irrevocably a part of my youthas anything else. This guy would later go on to head up the more bluesy/folksy Everlast, but when I was growing up he headed a little Irish rap group you may have heard of called House of Pain.

And finally a band a friend turned me onto years ago singing what would be one hell of a drinking song… If it weren’t for the fact that you’re too busy jumping all around to keep your beer in your mug to drink it that is…

That’s it. Have yourself’s one hell of a St. Patty’s Day, and if you’re going out to drink green beer and go home with someone whose name you won’t remember in the morning, lift one up for me and remember, deep fried pickles are AWESOME!

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