Something Light for a Saturday Night: “Obama Goes for KO” Version

AdNags at the NYT – always looking for the basest angle – gets top billing for his piece suggesting Obama is trying to “purchase” the knockout punch against Hillary by outspending her in Texas and Ohio. Another way of covering the issue might be to focus on the tremendous support that generated Obama’s money advantage in the first place.

Largely missed by the media (though Ad Nags does mention it late in his piece) is that Obama is going for the knockout punch with the hip, indie music voter. How you ask? Well, hell, Obama has scored the Arcade Fire for two free concerts in Ohio Sunday and Monday. And, in my humble opinion, the Arcade Fire’s Neon Bible was the best album of 2007.

DISCLAIMER: As I still remain undecided, I would gladly post some video of any great band supporting Hillary if someone can ID one (the NYT piece notes that Hillary’s countervailing surrogate campaigner is Dick Gephardt – ugh!! No way am I posting video of him).

But ’til then, here is what the Arcade Fire looks live – have fun Ohio!

And here are two great videos of Arcade Fire tunes skillfully set to some great movie clips.

2 Responses to “Something Light for a Saturday Night: “Obama Goes for KO” Version”

  1. terry says:

    For Obama there’s also…
    Dave Mathews
    Arrested Development
    Stone Gossard
    Grateful Dead
    John Legend

    Nice mix is you ask me 🙂

  2. LG says:

    You’d be willing to post up Celine Dion videos? That’s who Hillary likes, musically.


  1. Barack Obama 2008 - Arcade Fire in Ohio for Obama : - [...] h/t CommentsFromLeftField [...]

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