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Taking a step back from the hysteric reporting regarding the Democratic primaries, the New York Times does a nice little write up regarding a little talked about, yet no less formative, personality; Barack’s eclectic mother.

There are many reasons why I have chosen to endorse Obama for president.  I agree with him on many issues, and greatly appreciate his broad lens-ed approach to the challenges we face as a nation.  It is true, he’s too liberal for some, and not liberal enough for the hardcore, but in an America that must ultimately come to a compromise, this isn’t necessarily a bad thing.  Also, I’ve never understood how is ability to inspire could be a bad thing; our nation is in need of a leader that can once again heal the American spirit and I think he has the capacity to do that.

But one of the things that truly intrigues me about Obama as a person is his upbringing.  His was a rare childhood, one characterized by exotic locales and enriched by foreign cultures.  One that was molded by his mother.

While most who have paid attention to the campaign know that Stanley Ann, Obama’s mother, haled from Kansas, the nature of the woman rarely comes to the surface.  By all accounts this was a free-thinker, and a woman who thirsted for the new and the different.  She sought to break from convention, and dedicated her life to a pursuit of understanding people and their myriad cultures and spirituality.

It was this hunger for diversity, not as a buzz-word, but as an actual entity that engulfs the world that took Obama to the far corners of the world as a child and would ultimately inform his views as an adult.  You can see it in his policies, and perhaps even better fleshed out in the book that ultimately became the prelude to his presidential bid, The Audacity of Hope.

Though it may not be itself a qualifier to be president, it cannot hurt a nation in desperate need of reconciliation with the other nations that span this globe that Stanley Ann Dunham Soetoro raised her son to be a citizen of the world.

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  1. Mia319 says:

    Obama’s mother was not about white–or black, for that matter. As she taught her son, the idea is to serve all people regardless of race, and to se the common humanity beneath all the differences. We need Obama to heal our splintered nation and to help us dare to be more human.

  2. What do you think about this Wright stuff? I’m not sure why this gets so much play, and yet McCain’s homicidal, bigoted pastors lasted what, a day? And over at Taylor’s Place, folks are saying that because Obama’s pastor was soooo bad, they can never vote for him and will vote for McCain. Ugh. Does Obama survive this?

  3. Parker says:

    Obama’s mother, just another person on welfare in Hawaii AND using our taxes to get her education. I hope she did not shape his life – ! I’m sorry he was abandoned by his father and then his mother. Just like many of his generation he was raised by his grandparents. Obama portrays himself as a victim of “white men’s racist views.” I’m sure that probably comes from his mother who used the “white men’s system” to get what she needed.

    Start asking more questions folks – what you see is not what you will get.

  4. Robinsnest says:

    Obama has been raised by his white grandparents, then by Jeremiah Wright, from whom he gets his ill-informed notions of economics and national defense. He is a nice looking man, smiles well, and obviously, he knows that his intentions would not be well-received if the American people actually knew what they were. So he tells us next to nothing of his Marxist views. Save them for later, after he is elected…. if we are so stupid. Another thing the media doesn’t talk much about, his white grandparents role in his life. And how very, very much he looks like his Dunham grandfather.

  5. SES says:

    “What you see is what you get” yep, some things never change then… Just look at what you see and what we got for the last 7 years. Old, almost dead white farts that smile while they used fear to separate the classes further, use separation the false assertion that gods behind them, then abiuse money and power to increase the fear and all of it to promote there selfish agenda.

    Everyone on America’s “Right” should now know what it feels like to get raped after supporting this basackwards attempt at a president.

    You worry about Marxes views? You want to know how it gets to that, read “the good earth” and thank all those god fearing republicans for taking away all the civil liberties that allowed you to make a difference in the first place and gave those individuals ALL the power and the wealth to do as they please…. while fleecing the middle class. You shouldn’t worry about someone’s views, you’ve already voted in those that would impose on your right to voice them in the most subtle way possible, make em scared and make em think that that’s the way god wants it.

    Shame on this president, his cabinet and the ignorance that believed his way worthy of anyone’s vote let alone the trust bestowed.

    I just hope anyone that gets elected is able to restore the dignity and trust that this administration has defecated on!

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