Tenacious “C”

The results are in and it looks like the clear victor in tonights Democratic primary is Hillary Clinton with victories in Rhode Island, Ohio and now Texas.

The story line so far as I can read it is the tenacity of a down for the count Clinton who has managed to claw her way “back” into this race. Forget for a moment that there was no point in time where she was anything other than the projected winner in any of the three states she has won tonight, she still has the perceived momentum after having staved off what was a serious slide of nearly 20 points in both Ohio and Texas.

Personally I think you can attribute her wins tonight to one thing and one thing only – ownership of the media cycle for the past week. She did this by using the Rezco and NAFTA stories to their fullest and on the success of the “3 AM phone call” ad. I also would not count out some serious nice-nice being played with the pundits themselves. If you recall, at her worst point Hillary was on the offensive against the media, calling them biased and going so far as to try and sink David Shuster for a what amounted to weak usage of a euphemism.

Now all of a sudden she has found herself with a net win in the last debate, a solid performance on The Daily Show and quite a good one on Saturday Night Live. All told these positives have left the punditry corp with nothing but nice things to say about a candidate who will most certainly, when all is said and done three months from now, still be behind in pledged delegates and fighting to either put into play Florida and Michigan or the Super Delegates in her favor.

Any way you cut it this one is nowhere near over. Say it with me, three more months, three more months, three more months…

3 Responses to “Tenacious “C””

  1. Dynamic says:

    Argh I am so sick of this crap! šŸ˜†

    I think you called it aright with your analysis of how important her media advantage this last bit has been – it’s been nonstop coverage. Tack on that stupid Canadian flap and she managed to net a big number of the late deciders.

    I wonder if anyonebothered to point out to them that she mathematically still can’t win.

  2. Ty says:

    Yup, significant lead in OH. The TX numbers might be misleading because of their convoluted vote & caucus system. Overall a good night for the Hill

  3. xranger says:

    Looks like Obama’s wave has crested.


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