The House (Dems) Finally Wins

“The house always wins,” so the old saying goes.  Of course it depends on which house you’re talking about.  If by house, you mean casino, then you would be right, and this would explain that in the two times I’ve actually gambled at a casino in my life, I walked out empty handed.

But if that house were to be the Democrat controlled House of Representatives, well, their win streak has looked depressingly similar to that of my beloved 49ers.

Yet, at least for today, we can all go home winners; the House finally won a battle, though the war is likely to continue.  Despite worries from the cynics who have gotten used to congressional Democrats folding at the first whiff of a battle, they held strong enough to pass a surveillance bill without capitulating on retroactive immunity for telecoms.

As I said, this isn’t close to being over yet.  The vote was far from veto proof, and the bill must now get bounced back to the Senate where it is likely that retroactive immunity will be reintroduced.  But the longer House Dems hold the line on this, I think the easier the battle will be.

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