The Stealth Caucus

Well, it seems as though Wyoming’s caucuses being held today are largely getting flown in under the radar.  Mike tells me that MSNBC isn’t even giving air time to it, only CNN, and it the fact that it happened so early seems to be taking folks by surprise.

But right now CNN’s election center is still giving the goods, and with 78% reporting it is looking like another Obama blowout.  With a 19 point split of 59-40, according to Slate’s Delegate calculator this would be enough for Obama to pick up 2 net gains in delegates, which will help in chipping away the paltry 10 delegate gain Hillary had on Tuesday.

The next magic number for Obama is 63% which would potentially up his net gain to 4 delegates making a blowout in Mississippi more than capable of erasing any ground Hillary might have made up in the March 4th primaries.

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