The Unrest Goes Primetime

Unrest regarding exactly how Hillary Clinton is conducting her campaign is nothing new.  Long before she found herself in a hole mathematically there have been those who have believed that her presence in the Democratic presidential race was not a good idea.

To be honest, my initial opinion of Hillary Clinton’s presidential bid was apprehensive at best.  Having little knowledge and no actual opinion of her, I simply looked at her clout within the party and the high negatives that she had among the electorate and concluded that there would be a high probability that she would edge out better suited candidates to win a General Election in the primaries, but then lose the General Election herself.

Still, for a while, she kind of almost won me over during the early debates.  She was poised, in control, and put forth a persona that was well above the demonization she had suffered for so long.

This is why I constantly return to the single point that had Clinton not decided to go negative in the late fall of last year, she might find herself in a better position now.  Her hawkish foreign policy stance made me second guess possibly supporting her, true, but what really turned me off was just how ugly she let this campaign get, primarily through the usage of high level surrogates and staffers.

That move created the situation we have today, one in which Hillary has absolutely no chance of winning, and the few slivers of hope that her presidential aspirations hold all require a level of ugliness in politics that many Democrats would rather do without as well as potentially breaking the party.

I am not the only one nervous about this here.  John McCain is still waiting in the wings, and the Democratic nominee is not guaranteed the slot in the Oval Office.  Clinton’s seemingly Kamikaze-like tailspin to the convention creates few scenarios where McCain is not well poised to replace Bush in January of next year.

Among passionate Obama partisans there have already been calls for Clinton to drop out of the race before she does too much damage, but such calls have been muted amongst those more neutral in this race.  Whether this is to avoid the ire of Mrs. Clinton, or her more rabid supporters I don’t know, but I’ve long suspected that this couldn’t last.

As Hillary’s chances of winning decrease, there will naturally arise a sense among Democrats to protect the likely nominee and send him in best prepared to go toe to toe with John McCain.  This attitude would happen to be in direct conflict with the situation Hillary faces, one created out of negativity where the only way she could possibly progress is to get even more negative and become a greater risk to the chances in the fall.

At some point, the unrest felt greatest among Obama supporters but increasingly amongst party loyalists would have to boil over and see the light of day, and it would seem that Keith Olbermann intends to at least try to kick start such an event tonight.

Since 2006, Olbermann has been delivering sharp edged “special comments”, passionate sermons against the darkest underbellies of American politics.  His “worst person in the world” segment is a tongue in cheek bit, one that is little more than a shaking of the head at the shenanigans of people in the spotlight, usually conservatives.  But his “special comments” are reserved for true ire, and more than one has ripped through the internet on YouTube clips like some ten minute long liberal battle cry.

Tonight will be the first time that Olbermann directs such comments exclusively towards a Democrat; Hillary Clinton.

One can hardly say that Olbermann is simply picking on Hillary Clinton; indeed, he’s used special comments in the past to defend both Hillary and her husband.  He’s not Sean Hannity, he’s not Rush Limbaugh.  Instead, he’s quickly becoming one of the leaders in progressive voices in televised media.  Personalities like Olbermann are exactly what we were missing when names like Bill O’Reilly, and Sean Hannity dominated televised opinion making.

I say this now because Olbermann is likely to suffer blow-back for the comments he plans on making tonight, primarily from Clinton partisans.  They’re likely to say he’s picking on her, and just another example of media bias.

And such a blow-back would only be even more indicative of the divisiveness of the protracted Clinton campaign.  Simply put, Keith’s one of the good guys here, and I have a feeling that in a few hours he will have incurred the wrath of a lot of viciously entrenched Clinton followers for pointing out what needs to be pointed out.

Far too often have high level surrogates and campaign staffers crossed the line.  Mrs. Clinton is putting her own ambition above the health of the party and the good of the nation.  There is unrest among Democrats because far too many see this, and yet feel that to voice such opinions would guarantee a flame spray of sexism accusations, media bias, and Clinton Derangement Syndrome diagnoses.  While any other politician in Clinton’s position would be dead and buried at this point, we are all expected to allow her to continue on unabated, and we’re expected to smile while we watch the strength of the party decay before our eyes.

At some point, clear, strong voices must protest.  They must make the argument that we are doing nothing but what everyone else expects us to do; circle the wagons and aim inward.

This has to come to an end, and hopefully Olbermann’s voice is strong and trusted enough to get things started.  Otherwise I fear neither Democratic candidate will inhabit the White House early next year.

And the party will be left in shambles.

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