Time for Accountability: Dump Them All

canuckgal (via eRobin) notes that the furor over Obama’s chief economic advisor assuring a Canadian official that BO’s anti-NAFTA remarks lately weren’t serious but merely whimsical, light-hearted, unserious “campaign rhetoric” has heated up. The Obama advisor was named by CTV as Austin Goolsbee after Obama and his camp denied the report. canuckgal wastes no sympathy on them.

Obama’s camp now sits silent, refusing to address the specific names and timeline that CTV can provide and support, trying to hide behind the Canadian Embassy Denial as opposed to going to the reported source(s) of the information, and in typical Obama fashion he is simply ignoring the fact that he has been caught lying.

Rob is so po’d she’s ready to vote for Hillary.

I think I have NAFTA Derangement Syndrome.   If the PA primary were tomorrow, I’d vote for Hillary.  How’s that for American voter crazy?

That’s a bit of an over-reaction but I know how she feels. If one looks past Obama’s rhetoric to his record, what one sees is, as Rob so poignantly says, that he’s as much a Republican at heart as Hillary. Make all the excuses you want, the fact of the matter is that once again the Left has no one to vote for. Neither of the two likely candidates is worth spit on a stick, with Hillary running a dirty, Nixon-ish, Roger Ailes-style campaign and Obama lying through his teeth every time he opens his mouth.

If we want to break the back of the corporate control of both parties, we’re going to have to fight both parties. Tooth and nail. We have no friends left in positions of power. We have few real friends left in any positions. Our options are shrinking. The strongest one we have left this late in the game?

Stay home.

“What? And give the election to McCain? You can’t be serious!”

Oh, but I am. We have nothing, repeat NOTHING, to lose.

In the first place, McCain isn’t George W (assuming the Emperor leaves office when he’s supposed to rather than declaring a national emergency and scrubbing the election, extending his reign into an FDR-like 3rd term; how does President for Life Bush sound?). At root he’s fairly pragmatic, and while he’s a slug, a hypocrite, and a slimeball, he isn’t an ideological fruitbat, nor is he stupid.

In the second place, he isn’t likely to win no matter how many committed lefties stay home. The Great Middle is going to go Democratic come hell or high water. They hate the GOP at this point and Bush & Co are doing their best to make sure that state of affairs continues.

In the third place, neither Hillary nor Obama is likely to be much better than McCain on either domestic policy or the war. That may be a hard idea to swallow – certainly it tastes awful and we’d rather not – but facts are facts. All three will continue the Iraq debacle, all three will hand corporations the reins of govt, and all three will either expand or at a minimum refuse to retard the Emperor’s assumption of autocratic powers. Oh, they’ll all make noise about “working with the Congress” and Obama already has his “bi-partisan compromise” schtick rolling along, a farcically “reasonable” proposal that virtually guarantees that the Donkeys will go right on surrendering to corporate and GOP loudmouths, but in the end nothing much is going to change and there won’t, in practice, be much difference between them.

So screw it. Don’t enable them. Work against them all or at least stay home. The day after the election we’re going to be fighting for our lives no matter who wins.

3 Responses to “Time for Accountability: Dump Them All”

  1. Lewis Burleson says:


    this video is being run on youtube, I don’t know if it’s fake or not but it needs to be investigated
    thank you

  2. eRobin says:

    Now that he’s lost OH, I’m feeling like he may have learned a lesson. Of course, the lesson is, no doubt “Don’t get caught.” But maybe a miracle happened and he realized that trade deals impact real people’s lives. I don’t know which one I’ll vote for on April 22 but I know I’ll vote. C’mon, man. Even if I switched parties and voted for Paul – McCain, I would vote. All this isn’t to say that I feel your pain – add to it the fact that I will “vote” on machines that are unveriable and incredibly high security risks and you have to wonder why I bother at all. When I feel like staying home, I think about the people in the country who couldn’t vote for so long. I don’t even have to think outside my demographic When my grandmother was born, her mother never expected her to be able to vote. I don’t stay home for any reason.

  3. eRobin says:

    P.S. – you are absolutely right about the fight though. The only thing is, that if McCain wins, we’re dead in the water. If a Dem wins, we at least have a tiny window of opportunity there. The fight will still be very hard though. I hope all the Obama fans have the dedication and energy to hold their guy’s feet to the fire if he wins. It’s going to be very painful for them to realize that he isn’t the saviour he lets them claim him to be.


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