What Do You Think? (Dropping Out)

I’m going to abstain for at least one post in providing at least too much opinion on the Democratic nomination race, but there is an interesting question I think bears asking.

The media, fueled largely by the Clinton campaign, has set the next line in the sand at Pennsylvania.  However, mathematically, with losses in the last two states, news that Obama’s performance in the Texas caucus has allowed him to erase Hillary’s delegate lead in that state, and even the revelation that Obama has picked up ten more delegates from California now that the results have been certified, the Clinton campaign lost this race a long time ago.

There are, of course, still pathways to the nomination, and six weeks between now and when the Pennsylvania primary happens, but my question is this;  can we now start asking Hillary to drop out?  Have we reached a place where coupling the mathematical difficulties with the detrimental effects of an increasingly nastier campaign finally produces an argument that legitimately calls for Clinton’s ouster?

What do you think?

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  1. As long as there is a debate over Florida and Michigan, driven in part by the Clintons complaining about rules THEY AGREED TO (Ickes even helped arrange them), then she will not drop out.
    I still have a feeling she will ‘win’ the nomination somehow. Ugh. Can’t shake it.

  2. I hear you. I hear you. I hold out a little more hope than that, but I know exactly what that nagging feeling you’re getting is like.

  3. Dynamic says:

    Any reasonable person would have felt justified in calling for her ouster some time ago – and if we were discussing ANY candidate that wasn’t a Clinton or of equivalent stature, they would have met little resistance.

    I have a fairly steady belief that Obama is going to come out of this with the win. I have no real fear that she’ll pull it off. I’m not even too afraid that she’ll damage him that severely – no Republican is going to take Hillary Clinton’s word over anyone else’s, and the independants who need swaying rarely pay serious attention to the primaries anyway. I maintain a pretty good feeling, all told.

    Frustrating, though, for her to drag it out.

  4. skippy says:

    others in blogtopia and yes, i coined that phrase, have already begun to ask her to drop out.

    i doubt she will. i think there’s a very real probability that she will finagle a back room deal and steal the nomination, in which case hundreds of thousands of other=wise democratic-leaning voters will either sit out, vote third party, or vote mccain for spite, giving us 4 more years of a 100 years of war.

  5. Hey guys!

    You know, I think I should have modified this question a bit, because as Skip does make clear, there have been no shortage of people saying that Hillary should quit, but what I think is the real question is can we ask her to drop out without people thinking we’re being totally unreasonable?

    That’s to say, is there ever going to be a threshold where the Clinton partisans say, “Okay, he won it, let’s move on”? I mean, I seriously think that we’re in a situation where Obama could actually cross the 2025 line, and the Clintonistas would still be saying, “WAIT! WAIT! WE CAN STILL WIN THIS THING!!!!!”

    And to varying degrees I think you all hint at the same point that a lot of people are worrying about; she’s not going to win based on voting, but will still cheat her way to the nomination.

    There’s really no way to go into this in any more depth, but here’s the thing, if Hillary can amass a large string of wins on par with what Obama did in February, I can foresee her being able to do just that. But here’s the thing, she’s not going to go on an all out streak following Pennsylvania because Obama’s not going to do what she did and just start ignoring states.

    If she finishes with momentum, then that will give the Super Delegates justification to overturn pledged delegates, but if this ends in a wash, as Skippy points out, I think Super Delegates know full well how dangerous a proposition throwing their support behind Hillary will be.

  6. DM Metzger says:

    is there ever going to be a threshold where the Clinton partisans say, “Okay, he won it, let’s move on”

    Honest answer? No, that point will never come. At this point they’re psychologically vested in her candidacy. This became blatantly apparent when many of them, not to name names, decided that Rovian win-at-any-cost tactics were perfectly acceptable as long as it was their candidate employing them.

    Once you cross that threshold there’s rarely any turning back.


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